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Figure 14-13. Resized form and position of controls Now you will try to set the Dock and Anchor properties for the controls and then retest the application. 5. Select the Label control having a Text value of Welcome, and go to the Properties window. Select the AutoSize property and set its value to False (default value is True). 6. Resize the width of the Label control to the width of the form, and adjust the Label control to the top border of the form. Set this control s TextAlign property to Top, Center. 7. Set the Dock property for the Label control from None to Top, which means you want the label to always be affixed with the top border of the form. 8. Now select all the remaining controls (two Labels, two TextBoxes, and one Button) either by scrolling over all of them while holding down the left mouse button or selecting each with a click while pressing down either the Shift or Ctrl key. 9. Once you have selected all the controls, go to the Properties window. You will see listed all the properties common to the controls you have selected on the form. 10. Select the Anchor property; modify its value from the default Top, Left to Top, Left, and Right. This will allow you to adjust the controls accordingly as soon as you resize the form. The controls will also grow in size accordingly to adjust to the width of the form, as you can see in Figure 14-14.
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protected function dragStartHandler(event:TrackBaseEvent):void { player.removeEventListener(PlayProgressEvent.PLAYER_PROGRESS, onPlayerProgress); }
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Listing 4-17. Injecting Our Hibernate DAO Implementation into a Service Class
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To debug on the BlackBerry, you first must load the application. The simplest way to do this is via the following steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Right-click on MediaGrabber and select Generate ALX File. Connect a BlackBerry device and open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. Click Application Loader. Click Start under Add/Remove Applications. Click Browse.
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Report Item
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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NMake was originally developed by AT&T Laboratories as an open source project. Recently it has been extended by Lucent Technologies and is packaged as part of a commercial product called Lucent nmake Product Builder. Microsoft also has a version it calls Microsoft Program Maintenance Utility (NMAKE.EXE). The versions produced by AT&T and Lucent are compatible with the original BSD Make; the version produced by Microsoft is not.
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Download at
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <s:Application xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" xmlns:mx= library:// minWidth="1024" minHeight="768"> <fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import utils.CallSignupService; public var signupUtil:CallSignupService = new CallSignupService();
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:soap=""> <soap:Body> <HelloWorld xmlns="" /> </soap:Body> </soap:Envelope> As you might have guessed, Listing 9-20 represents a SOAP request. If you observe this markup carefully, you will find that the request consists of an envelope (<soap:Envelope>) and body (<soap:Body>). In fact, a SOAP request or response can contain four possible parts. Each of these parts is described in Table 9-2. Table 9-2. Parts of a SOAP Message
Adding Data to a Web Service
pwd reboot renice 19 10704 rm -rf mydirectory
dscl -u hunterbj /LDAPv3/mydirserv mcxdelete /Groups/lab dscl -u hunterbj /LDAPv3/mydirserv mcxdelete /Groups/lab
In ADO.NET, a transaction is an instance of a class that implements the interface System.Data.IDbTransaction. Like a data reader, a transaction has no constructor of its own but is created by calling another object s method in this case, a connection s BeginTransaction method. Commands are associated with a specific transaction for a specific connection, and any SQL submitted by these commands is executed as part of the same transaction.
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