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<a href="viewForum.jsp forum=<%=forumID%>"><%=forumName%></a>
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When registered users read forums, phpBB automatically keeps track of the posts they ve read in cookies stored on the users machines. Users have the ability to mark a forum or all forums as read via links on the forum or index pages, respectively. While rare, problems with the marking feature can arise. If users are having problems with this feature, they likely are not accepting cookies from your site. If this problem becomes widespread, you may wish to check the session length under the Cookie Settings options accessed through the Configuration link under General Admin in the Administration panel. If you have
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System.Guid System.Nullable<'T>
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Before you put away the FTP program, you need to check your permissions on certain files and directories. By default, files you upload to your server and directories you create on it are owned by you, or rather your account on the server. This is correct and as you might expect. However, the web server, Apache, usually runs as a different user, often apache, httpd, or nobody. This means that software running under Apache in this case, WordPress doesn t normally have permissions to modify or delete files, nor to create new ones. To fix this, you need to change the permissions of some of the WordPress files. You will most likely need to give full access to those files. You will also need to give write access to a couple of folders, so that WordPress can create new files. Depending on your FTP software, you will either need to set the file permissions to a numeric value such as 666 or 777, or check the R (read), W (write), or X (eXecute) permissions for U (user or owner), G (group), and O (other). The numeric value 666 represents read and write permissions for user, group, and other. The 777 value represents read, write, and execute permissions for user, group, and other. Table 14-1 shows which files and folders need their permissions set and what type of permissions should be applied. Note that a folder name with an asterisk following it signifies that all the files in that folder need their permissions adjusted.
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Restoring with Disk Utility
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Annotation-Based Configuration
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Remove duplicate lines Join two files
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Figure 3-6. Unexpanded and expanded menu items
In the previous sections, you learned how XmlTextReader can be used to read XML documents in a serialized fashion. Reading XML documents is just half of the story; often you need to write XML documents also. The counterpart of XmlTextReader is another class called XmlTextWriter. The XmlTextWriter class allows you to quickly serialize XML documents to a file or any stream. The XmlTextWriter class inherits from an abstract class: XmlWriter. In this section, you will learn how this class can be used to write XML documents.
ensure the Start Firewall Now box is checked. After this, the Firestarter main window opens.
<key>authentication_authority</key> <array> <string>;ShadowHash;</string> </array>
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