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Things don t change much if you start to use date data types. Consider a date-only column holding values from 1 January 2000 to 31 December 2004; a predicate date_col between 30th Dec 2002 and 5th Jan 2003 would then give you a selectivity of (5th Jan 2003 - 30th Dec 2002 ) / ( 31st Dec 2004 - 1st Jan 2000 ) + 2/(number of different dates) Fortunately, Oracle can do proper date arithmetic, so this turns into the following: 6 / 1826 + 2/1827
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Another easy way to back up your Mac is by using a MobileMe (formerly called .Mac) account. Because MobileMe has become an integral part of the Mac operating system, it s highly likely that if you own a Mac, you either own a MobileMe account or at a minimum know what one is. Apple sells MobileMe accounts to give Mac users space on Apple servers to access their files, websites, and e-mail from remote locations, and with BackToMyMac, MobileMe can also now be used to access your computer from another Mac OS X computer. The MobileMe accounts can also be a great way to back up and store a small amount of critical data in an offsite location. If you haven t set your computer to log into MobileMe, then you will need to do that before you can back up, or sync, any of your data to Apple s servers. To configure your computer to work with a MobileMe account, go to the sign-in screen in the MobileMe Preference pane, as shown in Figure 18 10. In this screen, enter your MobileMe username and password, and click the Sign In button. If you don t yet have a MobileMe account, you can click the Learn More button to obtain one.
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Software user interfaces are constantly evolving and improving. I remember back when I was still working with an early version of Windows and looking at Mac OS with envy. Then, I remember seeing Linux systems with radical new desktop interfaces. More recently, I found myself looking again at the Mac OS X Dock (see Figure 1-1) and wanting that for my Windows XP machine to the point where I purchased a product that mimicked it. I was dedicated to Windows through it all, but I was envious of some of the user experiences the different environments offered.
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Figure 17 7. Metasploit opening screen
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Figure 16 36. Configuring the Mobile Access Service
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There might be some occasions when you want your app to introduce the user to someone new. You might include contact information for technical support, or perhaps allow them to import friends from a social networking app into their address book. PIM allows two options for adding new items: creating a blank item from scratch, or importing an existing item from an outside source.
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Note It s also possible to include nested objects when using ISerializable. In this case, you have to call
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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This wasn t much different from CommandReader.cs in 6. The biggest difference is how you created and configured the command:
hdiutil convert MacBook.dmg -format UDTO -o MacBook.iso
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