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Understanding DataAdapter
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To test the application, you can use the same Employees.xml file that we created in 2 (see Listing 2-2 for the complete XML markup).
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Figure 5-21. When the computer has rebooted after installation, the standard Ubuntu login screen will appear.
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by Jonathan Gennick
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MockPageContext MockServletConfig
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GESTURE = "gesture": Multiple points of contact and specific events for different gestures (such as rotation and pan). NONE = "none": None at all. TOUCH_POINT = "touchPoint": Basic single point of contact (such as tap).
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This solution s example uses the default General Exception object type, as shown earlier in Figure 5 46. This is useful when you want to log where and when errors occur but do not need specific information about the actual errors encountered. An exception handler can identify more specific error information when the exception handler s Object Type property is set to any class inheriting from System.Exception. When the Object Type is a .NET Exception, as shown in Figure 5 47, the exception object can retrieve additional information such as an error message. Modify the Expression shape as follows to include the error message in the application log entry. System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry("A Simple BizTalk Source", "An exception was encountered: " + ex.Message);
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Building Your First Silverlight Application in Visual Studio
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on o.employeeid = e.employeeid
Figure 9-27. Scripting the view 4. This brings up the code in a new Query Editor pane. Modify the two SET options and add in a DROP VIEW statement so that we can re-create the view. Executing the code should be successful.
The following console application shows how to use a SqlDataReader to loop through a result set and retrieve rows. 1. Create a new Visual Basic Console Application project named 12. When Solution Explorer opens, save the solution. 2. Rename the 12 project to DataLooper. Rename the Module1.vb file to DataLooper.vb, and replace the generated code with the code in Listing 12-1. Listing 12-1. DataLooper.vb Imports System Imports System.Data Imports System.Data.SqlClient Module DataLooper Sub Main() Dim connstring As String = _ ("Data Source=.\sqlexpress;" & _ "Integrated Security=True;" & _ "database=northwind") 'create command (with both text and connection) Dim sql As String = "select contactname from customers" 'create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connstring) Try 'Open connection conn.Open() Dim cmd As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sql, conn)
Arithmetic Operators and Generic Algorithms through Inlining
The more computers you deploy, the more you ll want to automate the setup process. If you have to bind 25 machines into Active Directory and each takes roughly 5 minutes, you ll dedicate about 2 hours----not too bad. But if you have 1,000 systems, we re talking about 83 hours. In that case, though writing a script to automate the process may consume 5 hours, you ve saved 78 hours. On the other hand, for just 25 computers, writing a script wouldn t seem to make sense, since you d spend an extra 3 hours. Except, if those 25 systems ever need reimaging, the work you did to automate the process will have paid off. An often overlooked component of this type of work is the massive amount of scripts that are already currently available. Like many other IT professionals, the authors of this book often publish their scripts online in publicly accessible forums. With this said, when estimating time to create a script such as one used for Active Directory binding, always research to see if one is already available freely from some other source. This small amount of forethought may even mitigate all development time if the script does exactly what you need it to do, and if not it may be easier to start with an example then from scratch. Refer to your checklist to decide which tasks you ll automate. Generally, you perform automation one of two ways: using packages (thus the term package-based imaging) or scripts. Packages are installers; scripts can also install items, but most often, you use them in the deployment process simply to augment or transform existing data. This line gets blurred a bit in the regard that packages can be payload free, meaning that they can be created with the express purpose of running scripts. Wrapping your final scripts in a package installer has huge advantages, as Apples package installer infrastructure includes many different components, such as pre- and post flight scripts, sanity checks for memory, system version, as well as graphical installer bundles ,which mean you can even put a basic user interface on top of your script to help with the uninitiated. Later in the section InstallEase and Iceberg of this chapter, we ll cover packagecreation more thoroughly. But for now, take a good look at your checklist. Some software comes in the form of a package installer that you can use for deploying the software. If you do use existing package installers, budget a couple of hours for testing each. If you can t use an existing package, then you can either create a new one or you can write a script to place all of the files, or even parts of files, in their appropriate locations. NOTE: As experienced scripters (and managers of those who script), take our word for this: When you get a budget estimate for writing a particular script, just double it. This will save you a lot of grief down the road.
A feature that users have grown very accustomed to in desktop applications is the ability to drag files directly onto the application and have some action take place. With web applications, in contrast, you ve always been restricted to browse functionality, which is not efficient or intuitive to users. Silverlight 4, however, supports the ability to drag files directly onto a Silverlight application. Currently this is limited to files, but you can see from the API that future releases of Silverlight will most likely support additional types. To enable drop functionality in your application, you need only enable one property on your UI element, AllowDrop. If you set AllowDrop to true on your element, your application can immediately access the drop target functionality. Once AllowDrop has been set, you have a number of events that will allow you to work with file(s) dropped onto your application. The DragEnter, DragLeave and DragOver events are fired during the drag process, but the primary event we are concerned with is the Drop event that occurs when a file is actually dropped onto our control.
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