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Implement Data Matrix ECC200 in VB.NET Try It Out: Using the COUNT Function

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You are implementing a data aggregation integration point, which requires data to be retrieved from multiple systems. Each source system publishes messages, and a message from each system must be received before further processing can take place.
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Testing the Presentation Layer
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lthough you have become quite proficient in using SQL Server 2005, you really ought to know about one last aspect of it. Triggers are that one last step, and this chapter is the missing link in the foundation of your knowledge and skill set. There will be times when a modification to data somewhere within your database will require an automatic action on data elsewhere, either in your database, another database, or elsewhere within SQL Server; a trigger is the object that will do this for you. When a modification to your data occurs, SQL Server will fire a trigger, which is a specialized stored procedure that will run, performing the actions that you desire. Triggers are similar to constraints but more powerful, and they require more system overhead, which can lead to a reduction in performance. Triggers are most commonly used to perform business rules validation, carry out cascading data modifications (changes on one table causing changes to be made on other tables), keep track of changes for each record (audit trail), or do any other processing that you require when data on a specific table is modified. The aim of this chapter is as follows: Describe what a trigger is. Detail potential problems surrounding triggers. Show the CREATE TRIGGER T-SQL syntax. Discuss when to use a constraint and when to use a trigger. Show the system tables and functions specific to triggers. Demonstrate the creation of a trigger through a template and straight T-SQL commands. Talk about image data types and the problems that surround updating these columns and firing a trigger. First of all, let s see just what constitutes a trigger.
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Figure 7-3. Full web content in a mobile browser
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The portlet API provides the reset() method for removing portlet preferences. If a default value is specified for that preference, the preference cannot be removed but can only be reset to the default value. If the value is read-only, it cannot be removed or reset, and the reset(String key) method will throw a ReadOnlyException:
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5. Add the following Imports statement for the SQL Server data provider namespace to Form1.cs:
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The very popular Flexinode module is designed to give you control over the information that your web site collects. It enables you to define your own data types, called flexinodes, with their own fields. These then function just like other content types (blogs, images, polls, and so on) in that web users can create them, edit them, delete them, and so on. The Flexinode content types can be promoted, moderated, and categorized, and they can participate in any other function Drupal provides for node types. The examples of data types you can create are endless. How about an exercise log tracking what you ve done at the gym, or a system to catalog all of the songs a composer has written Virtually any information that you can imagine collecting through a web interface can be modeled with flexinodes.
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Figure 11-20. XML data transformed to HTML by using the XML control
Figure 4-6. The Image Assist icon and pop-up window
You have seen the basics of remoting to simple Java classes, which a few years back were given the interesting name of Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). Now let s look at a couple of advanced use cases.
Inline DTD
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