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Language Validation
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var a = myDate.localeFormat("d");
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1. On Windows 2000 or Windows XP with IIS 5.x, any ASP .NET application usually runs in an external process called aspnet_wp.exe (ASP .NET worker process). The identity of the worker process can be configured in the processModel, too. On Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0, you can configure application pools. Each pool results in a separate process running under its own identity (default is NetworkService).
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Once we decided to use the Yahoo! AS3 client, all we had to do was consume it in the application.
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| [Symbols_2] { [Code_2] } ...
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Tip: A Presentation Model is a design pattern where the model represents the behavior and state of a view. It s very similar to the code behind that used to be a common implementation in earlier versions of Flex. It s about separating the view from the logic. Once the logic changes, the view updates automatically. There are many implementations of the presentation model such as the view keeping an instance of the presenter and binding properties, or the view being passive and unaware of being changed.
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The calculation that Oracle uses can be represented graphically, as shown in Figure 3-1 the further away you get from the known low/high range, the less likely you are to find data. Oracle uses a straight-line decay to predict the variation, decaying to zero when you exceed the range by the difference between low and high. We have a range of 11 running from 1 to 12. The right-hand edge hits zero at month_no = 23 (high value + 11); the left-hand edge hits zero at month_no = -10 (low value 11). This will be bad news to some people. If you have sequence, or time-based, values in a commonly queried column and haven t been keeping the statistics up to date, then queries that use an equality on that column will have been using a flat line to give you the right answer as time passes. Now, those same queries are going to give you cardinalities that keep dropping as time passes until suddenly, the cardinality gets so low that plans may change dramatically.
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How It Works
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NOTE: All applications built for the iPhone must be signed, and someday we hope to see this replicated in Mac OS X as well! To check the signature of the application and obtain more granular information about it, Apple has provided the codesign application. While this tool is covered more granularly in 6, a good example of its use would be to obtain very verbose output of the Safari application with the following command:
Note You can suppress the Tilt effect on any control by adding the local:TiltEffect.SuppressTilt="True" attribute to that control.
scutil get ComputerName
5. Expand the Projects and Solutions node. Click the General node and change the entry in Visual Studio projects location to C:\bvb2005db\solutions, as in Figure 2-24.
CHAPTER 4: File System Permissions
On a drive down from San Francisco to Los Angeles, one of the authors of this book was very safely speeding down the 101 freeway. While coming through Santa Barbara, a police officer sped up behind him, sirens blazing. Prepared for the worst, he slowed down, expecting to get pulled over. To the author s pleasant surprise, she raced passed his car heading toward the traffic ahead of him. As he came around the corner into a wall of fog, he noticed that what she was actually doing was slowing the pace of traffic down to prevent everyone from crashing into what he later learned was a 13-car pile-up. He immediately made the connection: this is what can happen with DoS, or Denial of Service, attacks. A variety of attacks take place against systems by flooding the computer with traffic and causing them to crash. These attacks are typically referred to as DoS attacks and can often be protected against by limiting the bandwidth that is available for a specified port; in effect, slowing the traffic down before it crashes into itself. Network traffic can accidentally attack itself by simply using too much bandwidth when connecting to a computer. Limiting bandwidth, often referred to as throttling or traffic shaping, is a good way to keep from overloading a system and crashing into a pile-up of network traffic. Dummynet is a built-in Mac OS X tool that can be used to throttle traffic on a network. It allows the administrator to limit bandwidth for certain ports or IP address groups on the network. This is more than a basic Boolean, or true/false, argument indicating that traffic can or cannot be allowed. Dummynet works in conjunction with ipfw to limit the throughput of traffic that matches certain criteria when ipfw rules are created. It is not run as a command but is instead called by using pipes and queues, which we will discuss next. NOTE: Like ipfw, dummynet is a kernel-level facility.
Each Entity Should Have a Unique Identifier
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