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Understanding the Design and Code Views
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Extending the Clean Process
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If SMS is the dominant form of messaging on wireless devices, email is certainly the dominant form in the rest of the world. Everybody has an email address, and people are increasingly sending and receiving emails while on the go. BlackBerry devices have always had a strong level of integration with email, and you can take advantage of this affinity when moving data off the handset. Turn toward email when you want to move a relatively large amount of data off the device in a standard format.
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As mentioned earlier, your public key must be shared with others if you wish them to be able to encrypt messages or files so that only you can access them, or if you wish them to authenticate any signed e-mail messages you send them. To do this, you use Seahorse to export your public key effectively, to make it available as a file that can be e-mailed to others, or perhaps stored in a flash disk that is given to other people.
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If you configure both the client and the server for the same encryption option, communication succeeds. To see the difference to the original configuration of the applications, take a look at the encrypted network trace in Figure 5-19 you can t see the hello world data string anymore.
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and the port which the service is available. By default this is TCP 389, or TCP 636, when using SSL.
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-a: Consider all files text files (don t halt when asked to compare binary files) -i: ignore lowercase and uppercase differences
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How It Works
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
BlackBerry does not have any logic that associates files to applications. Your app can write to any directory and read from any directory that it wants. When the app is deleted or upgraded, all existing files will remain in place.
Read Permissions
CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
LifeCycle Data Services (Adobe): dataservices/ BlazeDS (open source from Adobe): blazeds/ Granite Data Services (GDS WebORB for Java: OpenAMF
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