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Sometimes we crave the flexibility of the command line, or need to work with text output to feed information to scripts. The ps command allows you to view the processes on your system using an extensive list of options and flags to specify which information you want to see and how it should be formatted. An entire chapter could easily be written on how to use this tool. But, we ll focus here on common option combinations. ps command will show you something similar to the following:
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CHAPTER 1 DEPLOYMENT PREREQUISITES barcode generator smart phone
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Renaming Stored Procedures
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Datasets vs. Data Readers
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Look for the line that begins with CONCURRENCY near the top of the file, as shown in Figure 30-1, and change the value from none to shell. Save the file and reboot the computer. If you see no improvement in boot speed, you can change this value back to CONCURRENCY=none if you wish.
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mong the most important tasks you will perform with phpBB are the jobs you will handle behind the scenes: maintaining the less-than-glamorous but absolutely necessary routine maintenance schedule and vigilantly keeping the board s defenses against hackers and malicious users up-to-date. This chapter is dedicated to guiding you through these important tasks for keeping your community operating smoothly and safely, so your members can participate with confidence. Generally, a secure phpBB is up-to-date with the latest patches, has tightly assigned permissions, and has a limited number of people with administrative power. phpBB provides many facilities to help ensure the security of your installation. It ultimately is up to you, as the phpBB administrator, to implement a security policy that you believe is best for your forums. My job in this chapter is to empower you with the tools to do just that and give you a few pointers along the way. I ll also introduce you to phpBB s tools for maintaining your board and tuning its performance.
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Using Regular Expressions and Formatting
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Program that re-creates under Unix or Linux the Microsoft SMB-based system of sharing files, printers, and other computer resources across a network. It allows Linux to become a file or printer server for Linux and Windows computers, and also allows a Linux client to access a Windows-based server.
There are a few things to note about this `ls ael` output. First, if we examine the POSIX permissions of a particular folders output, we will see that on some folders, there is a trailing + at the end. For instance, the Staff folder:
Writing Content
iChat Server
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