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Hibernate requires a minimum set of configuration information in order to operate: The database connection The database dialect The mapping information The database connection is provided so that Hibernate can talk to the database. The database dialect (all major databases types are covered) allows Hibernate to tailor its generated SQL to take maximum advantage of specific database features. The mapping information is used to allow Hibernate to convert objects into representations within the database and vice versa. Hibernate represents all of this configuration information in a Configuration class implementation. Which implementation is used depends on how Hibernate s mappings are obtained. These are usually supplied by using XML files or by using Java 5 annotations. In the latter case, the AnnotationConfiguration class is used to represent them. Using the configuration object, a SessionFactory is constructed. This is in turn used to create a Session object. The annotation configuration object is expensive to construct. It needs to read mapping data and build a corresponding model in memory. The SessionFactory is relatively inexpensive to construct, but is a singleton class used to produce Session objects. You should
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To change the search policy from a local search policy to a custom search policy, you would change the /Search dsAttrTypeStandard from LSPSearchPath (Local Search Policy) to CSPSearchPath(Custom Search Policy). To do so use dscl in conjunction with the change option as follows:
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Implementing Level 2
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How It Works
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Note The root file system is itself mounted automatically during bootup, shortly after the kernel has
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Initial Runs
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Figure 8 15. Configuring acknowledgements
This, of course, has the fixed selectivity of 0.25% that was used for predicates (e) and (f) earlier. As a further demonstration, let s work out the arithmetic on example (a), which becomes where and minutes >= sysdate minutes <= {unknown bind value}
CHAPTER 7: Client Management
row count) and not be noticed by Oracle as a popular value. Worse still, every very popular value takes up more than its fair share of buckets a small number of very popular rows could ensure that Oracle misses dozens of rows that you would like to classify as popular. There are times when you may have to fall back on creating an artificial frequency histogram, because that s the best you can do to describe your data set to Oracle.
CHAPTER 19: Forensics
Figure 5-13. Schema generated by using the SOM
dsconfigad -passinterval 7
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