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<s:Label text="{commaFormatter.format(searchService.numResultsAvailable)} results" visible="{Boolean(searchService.numResultsAvailable)}"/> <!-- The results as a List --> <mx:List id="resultsList" showDataTips="true" dataProvider="{searchService.lastResult}" variableRowHeight="true" width="100%" height="100%"> </mx:List> </s:SkinnableContainer> </s:Application>
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Sorting Data
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<shell:ApplicationBar.Buttons> </shell:ApplicationBar.Buttons> 5. Inside the shell:ApplicationBar element, you will create three shell:ApplicationBarIconButton XAML elements to add three button definitions: one for Add, one for Save, and one for Delete. If we had any textbased menu items to add, the ellipsis in the right corner of the Application Bar would be created automatically for us by Windows Phone 7. The ellipsis is not counted as one of the buttons on the Application Bar; therefore we could have a maximum of four buttons plus an ellipsis. The XAML markup to add three buttons is shown here:
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The user s business mobile phone details:
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To pass a data connection fact to a policy, initialize a Microsoft.RuleEngine.DataConnection instance and pass it to the policy in the facts collection. If an update is being executed against the underlying database, you must also provide a transaction to the DataConnection object, as shown in Listing 7 9. If data is being retrieved only, no transaction is required. Listing 7 9. Providing a Transaction // create SQL connection object sqlConnection = new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection("ConnectionString"); // create SQL transaction object sqlTransaction = sqlConnection.BeginTransaction(); // create Data Connection object dataConnection = new Microsoft.RuleEngine.DataConnection( "SqlDataSetName", "SqlTableName", sqlConnection, sqlTransaction); The .NET assembly can add this DataConnection object instance to a fact collection and pass it to the policy for execution.
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Figure 5-4. Directory structure of the to-do list portlet application
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Reserved Names
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It s reassuring that events are still there, even within a framework based on a different programming paradigm. Moreover, you still obtain interfaces by composing graphical controls and attaching to their event handlers. The button is the only control hosted by the window! You don t access a Controls property of the window to add the button to a list of children controls. Instead, you set all of the window content with a button, resulting in a huge button that occupies the window s entire client area. WPF s layout model is completely different from that you ve grown accustomed to using Windows Forms: objects are positioned by the container and don t have Top and Left properties to explicitly set a control position.
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Listing 10-21. Testing the VelocityMailDaoImpl Implementation draw barcode 39 crystal reports
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The results you get from are not the same as the results you get from, as demonstrated by Table 3-3.
Text = "Hello, World!" }, new If() { DisplayName = "Adjust for PM", // Code to be added here in Level 2 Condition = ExpressionServices.Convert<bool> (env => numberBells.Get(env) > 12), Then = new Assign<int>() { DisplayName = "Adjust Bells", // Code to be added here in Level 3 To = new OutArgument<int>(numberBells), Value = new InArgument<int> (env => numberBells.Get(env) - 12) } }, new While() { DisplayName = "Sound Bells", // Code to be added here in Level 2 Condition = ExpressionServices.Convert<bool> (env => counter.Get(env) <= numberBells.Get(env)), Body = new Sequence() { DisplayName = "Sound Bell", // Code to be added here in Level 3 Activities = { new WriteLine() { Text = new InArgument<string> (env => counter.Get(env).ToString()) }, new Assign<int>() { DisplayName = "Increment Counter", To = new OutArgument<int>(counter), Value = new InArgument<int> (env => counter.Get(env) + 1) }, new Delay() {
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Using Datasets and XML
<s:RichText color="#212121" columnCount="1" fontFamily="Myriad Pro Semibold" fontSize="14" text="Button" kerning="on" whiteSpaceCollapse="preserve" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0"> <s:filters> <s:DropShadowFilter alpha="0.3" angle="90" blurX="0" blurY="0" color="#FFFFFF" distance="1" quality="2"/> </s:filters> </s:RichText>
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