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' Event handler for the StateChange Event Private Sub ConnStateChange( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As StateChangeEventArgs _ ) _ Handles conn.StateChange ListBox1.Items.Add("------------------------------") ListBox1.Items.Add("Entering StateChange Event Handler") ListBox1.Items.Add("Sender = " + sender.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Original State = " + e.OriginalState.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Current State = " + e.CurrentState.ToString()) ListBox1.Items.Add("Exiting StateChange Event Handler") ListBox1.Items.Add("------------------------------") End Sub
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A successful installation will be indicated once the process has finished. At this point, you can move on to creating a virtual machine to install a guest operating system, as described later in this section.
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& "where " _ & " unitprice < 20 " ' Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connString) Try ' Open connection conn.Open() ' Create data adapter Dim da As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(sql, conn) ' Create dataset Dim ds As DataSet = New DataSet() ' Fill dataset da.Fill(ds, "products") ' Get table data Dim dt As DataTable = ds.Tables("products") ' Loop through data table For Each row As DataRow In dt.Rows For Each col As DataColumn In dt.Columns Console.WriteLine(row(col)) Next Console.WriteLine("".PadLeft(20, "=")) Next Catch e As Exception ' Display error Console.WriteLine("Error: " & e.ToString)
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Pattern Matching
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Service-level agreements (SLAs) are a must have for any DBA. If your shop already has SLAs defined, you must take the time to review them. Knowing the defined SLAs will help you to prioritize your tasks. For example, if you have two tasks to perform, and one must be done in four hours and the other has a limit of two days, then it is easy for you to decide which one to work on first.
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Breakpoint conditions and hit counts are the most frequently used options. A hit count is useful when a bug appears only after a significant period of execution. For instance, when you re debugging a search engine, a bug may occur only after indexing gigabytes of data; the number of hits of the breakpoint can be determined.1 Conditional expressions are more useful when it s difficult to reproduce the exact circumstances that trigger a bug, and when the number of times the breakpoint is hit is variable. For expressions entered in the Immediate window, conditional expressions are expressed as in C#; this is true for all languages, because the debugger infrastructure within the CLR is designed to deal with compiled programs and ignores the source language. Sometimes you need to debug a running program that has been started without the debugger; a typical situation is when you re debugging a service started through the Service snap-in of the Management Console or debugging a web application live that is executed by IIS rather than by the web server used for development by Visual Studio. In these situations, you can attach the debugger to a running process by selecting Tools Attach to Process and selecting the process to debug. There are standard processes that are generally known to programmers: w3p.exe is used by IIS to run application pools where ASP.NET applications run, and the svchost.exe process generally hosts Windows services. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find out which process is running the code to debug, because several of these generic process hosts run applications. Debugging a program significantly slows down its execution speed because the debugger infrastructure injects code to monitor program execution. Conditional breakpoints tend to worsen the situation because every time the breakpoint is hit, the condition must be tested before standard execution resumes. The CLR debugging infrastructure operates at the level of compiled assemblies; this has several implications. The objects and types that are visible to the debugger are those generated by the compiler and aren t always explicitly defined by you in the source code. The program database information tends to preserve the mapping between the source and the compiled program, but sometimes the underlying structure surfaces to the user. On the other hand, you can debug programs written in different programming languages, even when managed and unmanaged code must interoperate.
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Setting the Content Type on the Render Response
In the following steps, you will implement the NotepadService WCF contract defined in the foregoing section. You will be using the Entity Framework to access the SQL Azure database. Open Service1.svc.cs in the NotepadServiceRole project, and add the code blocks spelled out in the following sections.
Figure 5-20. Sales Profit Analysis report
Report Title Company Title Logo Print Date Data Source Columns to Report Page Size Page Orientation Layout Design
2. Click Import Theme browse to the location of the project and the CSS file, set the
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