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AOP can be applied anywhere that you have a set of requirements that apply without regard to the object model across otherwise unrelated parts of your application. Indeed, functionality that addresses these concerns is essentially the definition of an aspect. The commonest uses of AOP are therefore in managing transactions, guaranteeing security, and providing auditing and logging information. These are all supported by existing Spring AOP libraries, to such an extent that typical Spring developers will never need to create their own AOP libraries. Even so, 5 covers the creation of simple AOP tools along with the alternative XML-based syntax and use of the AspectJ framework.
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Click the Add another item button to create a new definition in the collection. Figure 8-13 shows the ColumnDefinition Collection Editor; pressing this button adds new column definitions. When a definition is selected, you can edit its properties using the Properties window at the right of this dialog. After adding three columns and three rows, your XAML in the main window will look like this:
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Figure 3 5. Basic Model-View-Controller organization
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Note Index fast full scans are just like tablescans. They use multiblock reads and large indexes (defined by the same 2% of the block buffer count at startup) that are loaded into the discard end of the LRU list. They also suffer from a bug that affects tablescans: the buffer touch counts are not incremented (even for small indexes/tables) if the block has been loaded by an index fast full scan. This bug has been fixed in 10g.
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Referring to the earlier data migration sample, rather than perform a check at the start of the application to see whether you have to migrate data, it may make more sense to use these events to handle data migration. For a complex application that, for example, does on-demand downloads of updates, you will find these events very useful. For example, rather than use the built-in self-updating feature of ClickOnce, you could set up a timer to check for application updates. When an update is available, ClickOnce will download it and upon completion kick off data migration. This may seem far-fetched, but for a complex data migration problem this is actually a reasonable solution because checking for and downloading updates using the ClickOnce APIs is extremely easy. For example: private void CheckForUpdateHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { AddLog("starting update check..."); ApplicationDeployment appdep = ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment; appdep.CheckForUpdateAsync(); } catch (Exception ee) { MessageBox.Show(ee.Message, "Error", MessageBoxButtons.OK); } } void appdep_CheckForUpdateCompleted(object sender, CheckForUpdateCompletedEventArgs e) { if (e.UpdateAvailable) { // some logic goes here } } private void DownloadUpdatesHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) { try { SetButtonsEnabled(downloadUpdatesBtn,false); SetButtonsEnabled(cancelDownloadBtn, true); ApplicationDeployment ad = System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment; ad.UpdateAsync(); } catch (Exception ee) { MessageBox.Show(ee.Message,"Error",MessageBoxButtons.OK); } } void appdep_UpdateCompleted(object sender, AsyncCompletedEventArgs e)
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Report title Page number Data source Columns to report
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form part of the same transaction, the changes made by the INSERT, even though that particular operation was successful. To reiterate, keep transactions small and short. Never leave a session with an open transaction by having a BEGIN TRAN with no COMMIT TRAN or ROLLBACK TRAN. Ensure that you do not cause a deadly embrace. If you issue a BEGIN TRAN, then you MUST issue a COMMIT TRAN or ROLLBACK TRAN transaction as quickly as possible; otherwise, the transaction will stay around until the connection is terminated.
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Figure 5-13. Team build settings
You have an inbound or outbound document that requires validation beyond checking for well-formed XML.
Open the CreateLead.cs file, which is in the Activities folder. Remove the input argument used to pass in the connection string. Add the following code to the Execute() method to get the new DBExtension: // Get the connection string DBExtension ext = context.GetExtension<DBExtension>(); if (ext == null) throw new InvalidProgramException("No connection string available"); Change the call to the LeadDataDataContext constructor to pass ext.ConnectionString instead of the connection string argument. The complete implementation of the CreateLead activity is shown in Listing 12-2.
Date Settings
Figure 6-13. The GridView using data binding There is no difference from the original method that displayed the UnitPrice. However, let s add some formatting. 3. Add the following formatting to the data binding expression for the Label control: <asp:Label ID="labelPrice" runat="server" Text='<%# Eval( "UnitPrice" , "{0:C}" ) %>'> </asp:Label> 4. Notice that we added a currency formatting parameter, "{0:C}", to the data binding expression. This will format the UnitPrice of the product as currency, which includes the currency symbol, as shown in Figure 6-14, when the project is built and run. Note that the currency symbol is capitalized in this example, but it is not case sensitive.
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