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that the version number (the listing uses matches the one reported by F# Interactive and that the other information matches what is used in the ASP.NET samples in your F# distribution.
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Figure 7-1. Acegi security components
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You are looking for the value specified by the string Verify Return Code:. If the command succeeded, you will see the output:
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The consumer portal aggregates remote portlets markup fragments into a full web page, just as if the remote portlet was a JSR 168 portlet running on a local portlet server. This means that your portlet cannot display several HTML and XHTML tags in the portlet s content markup. Some portals may strip these tags out of the markup, but for performance reasons, most portals probably will not. The disallowed tags are: <html> <head> <title> <body> <frame> <frameset>
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Figure 12-20. Stack trace output, view 1
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You need to map an incoming node to a database table column to reference a specific set of data via a BizTalk Server map. Specifically, for an inbound author ID, you need to retrieve the person attributes that are stored in a SQL based table. Additionally, the data that is stored in the database table is dynamic, and coding the values within the BizTalk map is not possible.
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To get a full list of available commands you can look in the cvadmin man pages type help in an interactive cvadmin session. Below we ve listed the most frequently used commands and what they do. >fail VolumeName: Entering fail and the volume name starts failover of the volume by initiating an FSS vote among your metadata controllers. The MDC that provides services for this volume and has the highest failover priority should win the election. If no failover is available, the volume will fail back to its original host. >fsmlist: This command outputs a list of FSM processes on the machine that s selected, which is useful when determining which volumes the machine is capable of hosting as a metadata controller. >repof: If you need an open file report, repof will generate one, saving it to /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/data/MyVolume/open_file_report.txt. The output contains a slew of information, but the actual file name is noticeably absent. Argh! You do get an inode number for the file in question though, so you can use a command such as find /Volumes/MyVolume -inum X to determine the actual file from the published inode number. The repof command can be very useful when attempting to determine why a client will not unmount a volume. >start: The start command is equivalent to starting the volume in Xsan. However, by specifying a hostname/ip, you can start file system services on just that particular MDC, which can be handy for maintenance purposes. >stats: Issuing this command produces volume statistics. >stop: The stop command is equivalent to stopping the volume in Xsan. But by supplying a hostname/ip, you can stop file system services on just that particular MDC, which can be handy for maintenance purposes. >who: You can list all metadata controllers, client, and administration sessions open relating to this volume using who. Nodes with the volume mounted will be indicated with a [CLI] entry. If you need help with more-complex troubleshooting, you can try these commands: >activate VolumeName xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: This command activates FSS services for the specified hostname and IP you put in place of VolumeName xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. Alternatively you can leave off the IP and you ll activate the local server (if applicable). You can also run activate on an MDC if it s not showing appropriate FSS services available. If you see errors to the effect that an MDC is on standby, activating the volume on the respective server will often address this issue.
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Tip You may need to enable this log. In the Actions window (refer to Figure 13-4), if there is a link to Enable Log, click it to allow entries into this log.
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9. A confirmation window appears, describing the new data source. Click Test Data Source.... See Figure 4-16.
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Figure 2-10. System databases
The enableRedrawRegions Property
Demonstration for the problems of first_rows optimization Demonstration of the changes in complex view merging Sets the standardized test environment for SQL*Plus
The XPath specification provides several built-in functions. These functions can be grouped in the following way: Functions that work on a set of nodes Functions that return a Boolean value Functions that work on strings Functions that work on numbers These functions are listed in Tables 4-2 through 4-5. Table 4-2. Functions That Work on a Set of Nodes
In a similar manner to adding user credentials and role membership, you can add freeform profile data to your web site using ASP.NET, and you can access this profile data directly from your JavaScript applications using Ajax. The data itself gets stored on a user-by-user basis in the same database as the login and password information that you set up earlier. Profiles are enabled using your Web.config file:
In this exercise, you ll create a Windows Forms Application having three labels, two text boxes, and a button. The application will accept your name as input and then flash a Welcome message.
After completing the abstract class we can create an implementation of the abstract class that will complete the unimplemented methods and add capabilities such as event metadata. The Player class will extend AbstractPlayer and implement IPlayer.
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