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This should also be done after you remove or disable a repository within sources.list.
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Cleaning Up Internal Objects
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A WorkflowInstanceQuery is used to define the workflow instance events that should be tracked. These are the process states that occur at the instance level such as Started, Completed, Unloaded, and so on. When entering the desired states, type WorkflowInstanceStates; the complete list of possible events will appear as shown in Figure 13-2.
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In the current application, when the Assign button is clicked, the application updates the list to indicate an agent has been assigned. Now you ll modify this so the form is not updated until the workflow indicates the changes have been committed. Open the AddLead.xaml.cs file and add the UpdateControls() and UpdateLead() methods using the code shown in Listing 14-3. Listing 14-3. Implementation of the UpdateControls() and UpdateLead() Methods private void UpdateControls(Lead l) { lblSelectedNotes.Content = l.Comments; lblSelectedNotes.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; if (l.Status == "Open") { lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Visible; } else { lblAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; txtAgent.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; btnAssign.Visibility = Visibility.Hidden; } } public void UpdateLead(Lead lead) { // Find the row that matches this record int nSelected = -1; for (int i = 0; i < lstLeads.Items.Count; i++) { Lead l = lstLeads.Items[i] as Lead; if (l.LeadID == lead.LeadID) { nSelected = i; break; } }
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Connecting to a Data Source Using AMF
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Adding bypass caps eliminates spikes in the current when a device is first powered on. This is especially important in accessory design as you may consider driving your circuit from the iPhone or iPod touch device s battery and need to keep your current draw within certain parameters. The third and final bit of advice I can give you is to include test points on your board. Similar to including LEDs as test indicators, test points are places on the board that you can probe to measure resistance or voltage with a multi-meter or to look at a waveform with an oscilloscope. You want to put the test points where you ll need them, which sounds a lot like telling a baseball pitcher to throw strikes . You can t know where you ll need them until you test your board and find out you need them. Yeah, circular logic! The best bet is to put in as many as you can find room to include.
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CHAPTER 12: Securing a Wireless Network
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s Note Multicolumn report render support is limited to PDF and Excel if you are using ASP.NET Web Forms
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Spring Web Flow
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When resultFormat is set to type e4x, the lastResult is set to type XML and points to the root node of the document. Therefore, you don t need to refer to the collection as myHTTPService.lastResult. topScorers.scorer; you can simply access it as myHTTPService.lastResult.scorer. In legacy ActionScript, that is, the version prior to ActionScript 3.0 (AS3), the flash.xml.XMLNode class represented an XML fragment. This is a bit clumsy considering that an XML fragment contained in a larger XML document is also XML. So the use of this class is now deprecated. However, you may still want to
Portal and Portlet Configuration
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You can explore OLE objects by selecting Insert Object OLE Object. This option lets you create and insert a new OLE object, as well as add one based on an existing file. To ensure the inserted OLE object is updated when the file is, check the Link To File box in the Insert OLE Object dialog box.
Secure SHell; program that lets you access a Linux/Unix computer across the Internet. SSH encrypts data sent and received across the link.
Biased Joins
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