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CORBA stands for Common Object Request Broker Architecture. It was one of the first successful protocols in bridging heterogeneous environments. Although it is a binary rather than XML-based suite of protocols, its feature list has a certain amount in common with SOAP: it is supported by a wide selection of platforms. It is well supported by Java, perhaps because CORBA was at the height of its popularity just as Java was becoming popular as a mainstream development language. CORBA suffers from some of the problems of complexity that SOAP labors under. It is also subject to some compatibility problems between different implementations of CORBA. On the whole, it is becoming something of a legacy architecture plenty of existing systems demand it, but new architectures are relatively unlikely to incorporate it for any other reason. In view of this, I have not included a CORBA example in this chapter, but the Java support for CORBA mostly uses the RMI classes and is therefore quite similar in configuration. Where it differs, the Spring classes beginning with the JndiRmi prefix in the org.springframework. remoting.rmi package provide the necessary support.
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Figure 17-9. Viewing an XML column
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Inserting and updating images, movies, Excel spreadsheets, or any data that can be accessed via an OLE DB data provider into rows of data uses a T-SQL function called OPENROWSET. OLE DB is a method used to access data information from a program. This can be Excel, text files, image files, and so on. Some OLE DB providers offer basic functionality, whereas others allow you to work with the data within your program as if you were using the raw data s own program. For example, there is an OLE DB provider that allows you to work with Excel data in, for example, a C# program as if you were in Excel. We won t look at the OPENROWSET function extensively, as it is quite an advanced area, but bulk loading binary data located locally on our computer doesn t need any provider or connection information, and so it is very straightforward.
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By this point, you should understand the small differences between each version of SQL Server. You should also know how to check your computer to see if it is suitable for a SQL Server installation. By following the steps given earlier, you should have a successful installation of SQL Server on your computer. You may even have completed the installation twice so that you have a development server installation as well as a test server installation. This is a good idea, and something to consider if you have only one installation so far. Whether you are working in a large corporation or are a one-man band, keeping your production and development code separate leads to greatly reduced complications if, when developing, you need to make a production fix.
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the payload of the actual edit. To add the corpadmin user to the administrative users group:
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Microsoft Windows can be deployed on a Mac using Boot Camp. Boot Camp will require the system be rebooted between each operating system switch and comes with a host of additional deployment considerations. The Mac doesn t natively support PXE booting and other traditional Windows Deployment options; however, you can deploy Boot Camp through DeployStudio, JAMF s Casper Suite, and by using a number of other solutions. Because it runs on bare metal, we re going to leave further discourse on Boot Camp to 6.
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Any orchestration can have Scope shapes in it. Place other orchestration shapes within the Scope shape to define the expected behavior of the orchestration. If BizTalk encounters an exception performing the steps inside a Scope shape, it will jump to separate actions defined in an exception handler. The solution demonstrates how to add exception handling to an orchestration.
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Original memory: 581632 Memory after all overhead: 710649 Memory for slots: 688128
<destination id="MyEJBPoweredService"> <properties> <factory>ejbFactory</factory> <source>MyUsefulBean</source> </properties> </destination>
SqlDataReader is an abstract class and can t be instantiated explicitly. For this reason, you obtain an instance of a SqlDataReader by executing the ExecuteReader method of SqlCommand: 'create data reader Dim rdr As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader ExecuteReader method doesn t just create a data reader; it sends the SQL to the connection for execution, so when it returns you can loop through each row of the result set and retrieve
Try repairing your Windows disk using the Windows command-line tool chkdsk. This can be done from the recovery mode of the Windows installation CD/DVD, but the instructions for how to do this vary depending on if you re running Windows Vista or XP. Windows Vista If you re running Windows Vista, follow these steps to run chkdsk:
The overall remoting architecture is shown in Figure 11-1.
1. We are going to try and find Vic McGlynn via the CustomerLastName column. We know the name ends with Glynn. The code that follows will search all of the customer rows looking for anything prefixing Glynn. SELECT CustomerFirstName + ' ' + CustomerLastName FROM CustomerDetails.Customers WHERE CustomerLastName LIKE '%Glynn' 2. Execute the code; this will give the results shown in Figure 8-34.
pay a visit to the CSS Zen Garden ( This is a site put together to demonstrate the design capabilities of CSS. The site has hundreds of different themes in a vast range of styles from simple, business-like designs, to eastern-flavored works of art, through punk-styled graffiti-like pieces. But every single version of the site uses exactly the same HTML content!
5 6. Creating Branching Logic in an Orchestration
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