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Next, let s find the IP address of www.apress.com. The host command performs both forward and reverse DNS lookups. Running it on www.apress.com returns the IP address Running host on the IP address returns NXDOMAIN, which means there s no reverse DNS mapping for that address. Running whois on the IP address reveals that the address belongs to Evocative, Inc, a colocation and managed services provider in
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At this point, you may want to stop me and point out an oddity. The view user_indexes has a column called distinct_keys which is where I got the value of 500 for my list of statistics a couple of pages ago. The optimizer knows that this index has 500 distinct entries, and I ve just put in a query for (every index column) = {constant} Why doesn t the optimizer simply say there are 500 possible sets of values in the index, you want one possible set of values, so the selectivity is 1/500 = 0.002 Good question, and a perfectly sensible suggestion. But generally the optimizer really does multiply up the separate selectivities, rather than looking at the combined index selectivity. (There seems to be just one special case that we will examine in 11.) Don t forget, though, that Oracle records both a density and num_distinct for each column. Perhaps the strategy of multiplying the separate column selectivities is a generic solution that allows for skewed data when there are histograms in place and the number of distinct values in the index cannot be trusted.
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' Event handler for the InfoMessage Event Private Sub ConnInfoMessage( _ ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As SqlInfoMessageEventArgs _ ) _ Handles conn.InfoMessage
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The format function on the Date class provides a way to format a Date value into a set output format. It uses the standard DateTime format strings. For example, if you have a Date function and you want to render it using the default shortDatePattern type, you would simply say
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<custom-portlet-mode> <portlet-mode>PRINT</portlet-mode> </custom-portlet-mode>
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Figure 10 13. Add Resources dialog box 7. Click the Add button to identify the assemblies to add to the BizTalk application. You can add assemblies (BizTalk or custom), scripts, bindings, COM objects, and other objects to your BizTalk application. This dialog box includes the following settings:
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Admins who decide to use zones can go about it a few different ways. With the first, you build a zone based on whichever device is in the physical port you include. You can find this port zoning helpful in environments where administrators simply need a map of which ports are in which zones but don t need access to make changes. Note, though, that if you add new targets, they may appear to be formatted on a number of clients, and could be formatted accidentally by an unwitting user. The second zoning method does so by the address of devices. Across brands, you ll find different terms associated with these approaches. Opinions about zone management of clients also differ, as do methods. Some people create a new zone for every initiator, restricting what targets each can access. Others leave all their initiators and targets in one big zone and simply let initiators access each target as needed. Still others choose to create two zones, one for metadata controllers and one for client initiators. Each approach has merits, but given that these methods will have similar effects, in most cases your choice boils down to doing whatever filts the security policy and the logic of your environment. In general, zoning based on Fibre Channel WWNs provides the most resilient setup, eliminating port-lock in and providing a generally less-ambiguous management environment, provided you properly nickname. If your switch supports aliases, grouping target WWNs into a single alias container can greatly simplify deploying a large number of targets across multiple zones. If storage is grouped/aliased in logical divisions, adding new storage is a much more efficient process, as you need only upgrade the group to have the addition applied across all zones that reference the alias. TIP: Generally, when using a tape library that s directly attached to the FC fabric, you ll need to zone the tape drive to be accessible by only a single host port (basically, the backup server). This is often necessary to ensure consistent functionality and to prevent the backup software from producing odd errors.
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You can also use convert to make the MacBook.dmg file read-only. Simply specify format followed by the code for read-only and the file name for the converted file, as shown in the following code:
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Here you learn how to create .NET Remoting applications that are version resilient in a way that allows you to support different versions of clients with the same server.
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