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Intermediate to T3: the table with 150 rows: Join Selectivity = (120 - 10) / 120) * -- the CBO uses the t2 figures at one end (150 - 10) / 150) / -- of the join, and the t3 at the other. greater(11, 14) = 0.0611111 Join Cardinality = 0.061111 * 900 * 150 = 8,250 But the new-style 9i calculations look like this: T1 to T2: the tables with 100 and 120 rows respectively: Join Selectivity = 1 / greater(9, 11) = 0.09090909 Join Cardinality = 0.09090909 * 90 * 110 = 900 Intermediate to T3: the table with 150 rows: Join Selectivity = 1 / greater(11, 14) = 0.0714285 Join Cardinality = 0.0714285 * 900 * 140 = 9,000
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MPEG-4 Part 14, also known as MP4, is a collection of audio and video encoding methods. MPEG-4 is the standard compression format of many software companies, such as Apple and Microsoft. It is a container that allows you to combine audio and video, as well as other streams, into a single file. The MPEG-4 video codec and H.264 are the included standards for video coding and compression. H.264 is the evolutionary step that improves the quality and efficiency of the format. The format is available for Flash Player 9 and above.
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Newly Created Logon Session for Client User
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Figure 20-1. Creating a Workflow Activity Library (in version 3.5) For the project name, enter QCPolicy; for the solution, enter 20. The workflow designer should be displayed and look similar to Figure 20-2.
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// All of the following tests result in True, since // the == operator is equivalent to the Equals method. if (str1 == str2) { Console::WriteLine(" str1 == str2" ); } if (str1 == str3) { Console::WriteLine(" str1 == str3" ); } if (str1->Equals(str2)) { Console::WriteLine(" str1 Equals str2" ); } if (str1->Equals(str3)) { Console::WriteLine(" str1 Equals str3"); } // // // // // if { ReferenceEquals compares the handles, not the actual string. The results are implementation dependent, since if the compiler creates a single-string representation for both string literals, as is the case here, this will resolve true. (String::ReferenceEquals(str1, str2))
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When using MSBuild, you have three ways to evaluate an item/property expression to a value, as described in Table 3-3. Table 3-3. Methods to Access Item/Property Values
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This class provides the server with the functionality of serializing the message into binary format before sending it out through the channel and deserializing the incoming message before forwarding it to other channel sinks or the application. In terms of usage, you usually have to configure formatters if you want to configure one of the following properties for a sending channel: includeVersions: Specifies whether to include version information when sending serialized types across the wire. strictBinding: Specifies whether the exact version type is necessary for deserialization or not. If not, a version of the deserialized type must be installed in the GAC. typeFilterLevel: This is by far the most necessary attribute. Here you can specify which functionality will be permitted by the serializer during deserialization when receiving a serialized type. The property can be set to Low or Full, whereas Low restricts the types accepted by the deserializer (e.g., callbacks through delegates are not allowed with the Low setting). The default setting since .NET Framework 1.1 is Low. Usage example: BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider sink1 = new BinaryServerFormatterSinkProvider(); sink1.TypeFilterLevel = TypeFilterLevel.Full; SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider sink2 = new SoapServerFormatterSinkProvider(); sink2.TypeFilterLevel = TypeFilterLevel.Full; sink2.Next = sink1; HttpServerChannel channel = new HttpServerChannel("MyChannel", 8080, sink2); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel); Configuration example: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="tcp" port="1234"> <serverProviders> <formatter ref="binary" typeFilterLevel="Full" /> <formatter ref="soap" typeFilterLevel="Full" /> </serverProviders> </channel>
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Figure 12-9. If the shared folder requires a username and/or password, you ll be invited to
These lines configure how your ASP.NET application will deal with specific errors. In this case, if the user attempts to access something on your web site they shouldn t, ASP .NET (and IIS) will display a You don t have access to that resource error page. If the resource simply isn t found, it will display a File not found error page. These pages come as part of ASP .NET, but feel free to provide your own. Just replace the page file names you see here with the page file names of the pages you create, and ASP.NET will use your pages. You can add other error pages as well, following the same model. Just add the HTTP error code in the statusCode attribute and the page file name in the redirect attribute, as shown here. Note also that you should ensure that the <compilation> setting in Web.config is set to turn off debugging, like this:
Back on the Ubuntu computer, click Applications Internet Terminal Server Client. Once the program is running, in the Computer field, type either the IP address of the machine or its fully qualified domain name (FQDN). You don t need to type the username, password, or any other details. Click Connect, and a new window should appear, in which you should see a login prompt. You should then log in to Windows using your username and password.
Once you have a database created, you ll need to create the tables and stored procedures used by the persistence service. To do this, you ll execute the scripts provided in the file. From the File menu, choose Open File as shown in Figure 11-4.
Custom Package Installation
12. For example, when you try to connect to a shared folder by clicking Places Network Servers, Ubuntu will automatically handle the mounting of the shared folder.
Both HMACSHA1 and HMACSHA256 functions are one-way: once the message authentication code is generated using either of those functions, it is impossible to recreate the original message from the generated MAC. This makes those functions ideal for storing values of security codes: the only way to produce a match of the MAC on those values is to supply a valid password and security code. The following walkthrough demonstrates how to generate HMACSHA1 and HMACSHA256 messages.
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