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event handlers. When the event fires, each event handler will be called, and each can perform any custom logic found in the handler subroutine. The code that fires the event passes event-specific data to the target event handler(s) through the handler s parameter list. For the indirect subroutine call to work, the event handler needs to contain the correct number of arguments, in the right order, each of a specific and expected data type. The Event statement defines this contract between the event and the handler.
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select elements(a) from Event e join e.attendees a where name = :name
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13.9 Summary
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<set name="bids" inverse="true" fetch="subselect"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <one-to-many class="Bid"/> </set>
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The CatalogData XML file specifies a collection of catalogs with a given display name, and also specifies that each catalog contains a collection of web parts. At runtime we ll display each of the catalogs as a tab; and when the user clicks on a tab, the web parts for that catalog will be displayed as links which the user can select to add that web part to a zone. To get started with the development of this feature, let s add a new web form named CatalogDialog.aspx that will act as the catalog dialog to the project. 8.5.1 Displaying catalogs In figure 8.12, the button that launches the catalog dialog is displayed at the top of the zone. This button is rendered in the Header of each zone, launches the dialog, and passes the dialog window the parameters that can be used to identify which zone launched the catalog dialog. The easiest way to display the button at the head of each zone is to override the RenderHeader method of our custom web part zones. Listing 8.8 shows us how to render the button from within the RenderHeader method.
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myStrings. A ListBox control contains member properties and methods in addition to its array of strings, so the ListBox itself is not an array. However, it would be convenient to be able to access the ListBox array with an index, just as though the ListBox
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A task is some work your program needs to do. It is represented by an instance of the Task class, defined in the System.Threading.Tasks namespace. This does not define exactly how the work will be done. The work for a task might be a method to be executed, but a task could also involve asynchronous work that executes without needing to tie up a thread the TPL has support for creating task objects that work with APM implementations, for instance. Example 16-17 shows how to create new tasks that execute code.
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This produces the output:
This should be familiar to you by now. All we re doing is storing the IWindsorContainer instance and using it to resolve controller types at runtime. The last step is to wire this up in Application_Start:
A recurring theme in distributed system design is that state is evil. Our distributed domain model is an object-oriented design. By definition, objects have state and identity. If we modify the state of a domain component on another box, we ve essentially signed on with that instance for the duration of our transaction. We can t go to another box, because the component deployed there will not necessarily reflect the state change we just made. If the box hosting my component goes down, we can t just fail over to another deployment. One alternative is to replicate the component s state to a backup deployment. In the event that one component fails, our client fails over to the duplicate on another box. Replication, however, comes with its own myriad issues including, but not limited to, bad performance we must effectively duplicate the component s state in its entirety, possibly over the wire or to a database. Another issue concerns synchronization. In the event of a fail-over, how can we as a client definitively determine where the failed component s state left off, or even that of the backup deployment These are just a taste of the issues associated with distributed state. Like other distributed computing concerns, the application server can abstract away and hide some of these issues, but, like the distributed performance concerns, there are limits to this abstraction.
Android is released under two different open source licenses. The Linux kernel is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) as is required for anyone licensing the open source OS kernel. The Android platform, excluding the kernel, is licensed under the Apache Software License (ASL). Although both licensing models are open source-oriented, the major difference is that the Apache license is considered friendlier toward commercial use. Some open source purists might find fault with anything but complete openness, source-code sharing, and noncommercialization; the ASL attempts to balance the goals of open source with commercial market forces. So far there has been only one notable licensing hiccup impacting the Android mod community, and that had more to do with the gray area of full system images than with a manufacturer s use of Android on a mainstream product release. Currently, Android is facing intellectual property challenges; both Microsoft and Apple are bringing litigation against Motorola and HTC for the manufacturer s Android-based handsets. The high-level, market-oriented portion of the book has now concluded! The remainder of this book is focused on Android application development. Any technical discussion of a software environment must include a review of the layers that compose the environment, sometimes referred to as a stack because of the layer-upon-layer construction. Next up is a high-level breakdown of the components of the Android stack.
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 Animation file formats 123 GIF animations 125 Perl and animations 126 Repeatedly applying a filter 127 7.5 7.6 7.7 7.8 Animated text 131 Animated charts 132 Animations with the Gimp 134 Summary 137
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