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Timers are part of the EJB specification. Hence, applications using EJB timers will remain portable across containers instead of being locked into the nonstandard APIs of job schedulers like Quartz. Since the EJB timer service comes as a standard part of a Java EE application server, using it incurs no additional cost in terms of time or money. No extra installation or configuration is required as would be the case for an external job scheduler, and you won t need to worry about integration and support. The timer is a container-managed service. No separate thread pools or user threads are required for it, as would be the case with an external scheduler. For the same reasons, the EJB timer service is likely to have better out-of-the-box performance than third-party products. Transactions are fully supported with timers (see the sidebar titled EJB timers and transactions ), unlike external job schedulers, in which you may need to do extra setup for supporting JTA. By default, EJB timers are persisted and survive EJB lifecycles and container restarts. The same cannot be said of all third-party schedulers.
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Listing 11.10 The participant aspect nested in the InterAccountTransferSystem class
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The Java files or directory to audit. [Fileset] Additional optional parameters to pass to the JVM. Classpath for additional audit rules; these must be placed before metamata.jar. [Path] Search path to use for unused global declarations; required when unused is set. [Path] Source path. [Path]
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Probably the most basic need for multimedia on a cell phone is the ability to play audio files, whether new ringtones, MP3s, or quick audio notes. Android s Media Player is easy to use. At a high level, all you need to do to play back an MP3 file is follow these steps:
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19: Windows Presentation Foundation
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This chapter covers
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<%@ WebService Language="C#" Class="CountryService" %> using using using using using using using using System; System.IO; System.Xml; System.Web; System.Web.Services; System.Web.Services.Protocols; System.Collections.Generic; System.Web.Script.Services;
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session.flush(); tx.commit(); System.out.println("Event and location saved!"); } catch (HibernateException e) { HibernateFactory.rollback(tx); throw e; // Rethrow } finally { HibernateFactory.close(session); HibernateFactory.closeFactory(); } } // Omitted Date Helper method }
A pushbutton in isolation will have very little behavior, state, or visible variation, so the payback for using MVC here is relatively small. If we look at a more complicated widget component, such as a tree or a table, however, the overall system is complicated enough to benefit from a clean MVC-based design more thoroughly. Figure 4.1 illustrates MVC applied to a tree widget. The Model consists of tree nodes, each with a list of child nodes, an open/closed status, and a reference to some business object, representing files and directories in a file explorer, say. The View consists of the icons and lines painted onto the widget canvas. The Controller handles user events, such as opening and closing nodes and displaying popup menus, and also triggering graphical update calls for particular nodes, to allow the View to refresh itself incrementally. That s one way of applying MVC outside of the more familiar web server scenario. But we re not finished yet. Let s turn our attention to the web browser next.
Setting up Team Foundation Server
To integrate TouchJSON into your project, you must download the package from Google and move the source code into your project. The easiest way to do this is to open the TouchJSON download inside Xcode and copy the Source folder to your own project. Tell Xcode to copy all the files into your project as well. Afterward, you ll probably want to rename the copied folder from Source to TouchJSON. Then you need to include the header CJSONDeserializer.h wherever you want to use TouchJSON.
Legacy databases and custom SQL
Your next step is to create a simple Dog class with only one member variable, called weight. Note that this field is given an access modifier of public, which specifies that any method of any class can access this field. (Generally, you will not make member variables public. The weight field was made public to simplify this example.) You instantiate a Dog object and save a reference to that dog in the reference milo:
.NET type
Step 3
WAS. See Windows Activation Service WaWebHost process 75 WaWebHost service 109 caching 136 killing 126 killing to kill a session 130 multiple instances 120 restarting an instance 123 WCF 343, 388, 400 addresses 343 binding 343 contracts 343 services 341 WCF Data Services 270 querying with LINQ 288 Unit of Work pattern 276 WCF Service Web Role template 30 WCF services 105 WCF. See Windows Communication Foundation WCFTestClient.exe tool 344 web applications implementing interfaces 107 web identity 402 web pages creating with Visual Studio 12 running 12
want to eagerly load the BillingInfo for a User entity. We can use the FETCH clause with a JOIN like this:
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