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if ( level < MaxLevel ) { GetSubDirectoryNodes(subNode, dirSub.FullName, getFileNames, level+1 ); }
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Distributed systems overview
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In this chapter, we ve discussed the concept of object persistence and the importance of ORM as an implementation technique. Object persistence means that individual objects can outlive the application process; they can be saved to a data store and be re-created at a later point in time. The object/relational mismatch comes into play when the data store is an SQL-based relational database management system. For instance, a graph of objects can t simply be saved to a database table; it must be disassembled and persisted to columns of portable SQL data types. A good solution for this problem is ORM, which is especially helpful if we consider richly typed Java domain models. A domain model represents the business entities used in a Java application. In a layered system architecture, the domain model is used to execute business logic in the business layer (in Java, not in the database). This business layer communicates with the persistence layer beneath in order to load and store the persistent objects of the domain model. ORM is the middleware in the persistence layer that manages the persistence. ORM isn t a silver bullet for all persistence tasks; its job is to relieve the developer of 95 percent of object persistence work, such as writing complex SQL statements with many table joins and copying values from JDBC result sets to objects or graphs of objects. A full-featured ORM middleware might provide database portability, certain optimization techniques like caching, and other viable functions that aren t easy to hand-code in a limited time with SQL and JDBC. It s likely that a better solution than ORM will exist some day. We (and many others) may have to rethink everything we know about SQL, persistence API standards, and application integration. The evolution of today s systems into true relational database systems with seamless object-oriented integration remains pure speculation. But we can t wait, and there is no sign that any of these issues will improve soon (a multibillion-dollar industry isn t very agile). ORM is the best solution currently available, and it s a timesaver for developers facing the object/relational mismatch every day.
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namespace HelloWorld { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { // every console app starts with Main System.Console.WriteLine("Hello World!"); } } }
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In this example, we create a simple select statement again, and this time we optionally create the WHERE for filtering the results based on the productType parameter.
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SOAP SOAP specification, SOAP 1.1 with , Attachments specification, XBase, XDoclet, XInclude, XLink, XML Schema, XML Signature recommended standard, XPath, XQuery, XSLT This book UDDI and related technologies WebLogic Webmacro Zvon,
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In that example, what is the implementation We neither know nor care, because the DaoFactory handles it for us. All we care about is that this DaoFactory item returns an object that implements the AccountDao interface. We do not care if it uses LDAP, JDBC, or smoke and mirrors to make it happen, as long as it does. Creating an abstract factory is fun and easy! OK, maybe not fun, but still easy. In this section, we build a simple one, and talk about why you would want to use one for your DAO classes. So, what does this DaoFactory look like under the hood Surprisingly, it is just a few dozen lines of code, as listing 11.7 shows.
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will print the following based on the data presented earlier:
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public RedirectController(IConferenceRepository conferenceRepository) { _repository = conferenceRepository; }
triples that control this process. Let s remind ourselves of the table, with one eye on figure 10.6, so we can see what that means:
AND e NOT MEMBER OF m.members
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contains the business logic for handling a message. The business logic encapsulated in the onMessage() method is executed in response to asynchronously receiving a message. Listing 6.4 shows how an OrderRequest is consumed by our MDB.
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