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The value in differentTypes changed from one line to the next. If we had used var, this would have been illegal a var variable s type is determined by the expression used to initialize it, so in this case, it would have been a string, meaning the second line would have failed to compile. So dynamic and var perfectly represent the distinction between dynamic and static: a dynamic variable s type (and consequently the behavior of any operations using that variable) is determined at runtime; a var variable s type is static it is determined at compile time and cannot change.
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The file attribute specifies the file or directory to locate. The type attribute determines whether the file should be a file or directory specifically. The default behavior, without a type attribute, is to indicate success if the file exists as either a file or directory. Checking for the existence of a JVM system resource The final availability check is for a resource, which is any file that can be found on the classpath. This is usually used to check for the availability of configuration files:
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A final sort of init supported through the iPhone OS is the factory method. This is a one-step message that takes care of both the memory allocation and initialization for you. All factory methods are named with the format objecttypeWithArgument:. Here s another real example:
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13.1.5 Eager loading of associations and collections
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Running version 1 Building and running version 1 of the project results in the window shown in figure 7.6.
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namespace Example_4_2_ _ _ _Modulus_operator { class ValuesProgram { static void Main( ) { int firstInt, secondInt; float firstFloat, secondFloat; double firstDouble, secondDouble; decimal firstDecimal, secondDecimal; firstInt = 17; secondInt = 4; firstFloat = 17; secondFloat = 4; firstDouble = 17; secondDouble = 4; firstDecimal = 17; secondDecimal = 4; Console.WriteLine("Integer:\t{0}\nfloat:\t\t{1}", firstInt / secondInt, firstFloat / secondFloat); Console.WriteLine("double:\t\t{0}\ndecimal:\t{1}", firstDouble / secondDouble, firstDecimal / secondDecimal);
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To illustrate how similar the execution of JPQL and native SQL queries is, let s execute the named native query findUserWithMoreItems (which we defined earlier in a session bean method):
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Very old Ant versions (e.g., Ant 1.1) had a version of the <java> task that automatically copied everything it found in its source path that was not a Java file into the destination tree, pulling in data files without extra coding. This may seem like a good feature, but it tended to pull too much cruft, backup files for example, into the build file. If you come across an old build file that produces code that fails with errors about missing files, it may be expecting Ant to copy the files over implicitly; you need to add a <copy> task to fix this. Some developers keep their resources in a parallel tree to the source, because this lets them keep different configurations from different customers. Their build files have to copy in the appropriate resources for each customer when creating the customerspecific JAR file.
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MS PGothic: c:\windows\fonts\msgothic.ttc,1
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Messaging and developing MDBs
19.5.2 Drawing images
Figure 23-12. The Library web site project files
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Press F5 and see the results of your efforts. In Figure 21-7, I adjusted the view by clicking on the Page Layout toolbar button, and setting the zoom level to Page Width. Well, that report is fine as far as Activity table reports go, but we could spruce it up a bit more.
Appendix: Answers to Quizzes and Exercises
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