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For the list with countries, you now define an indentation of half an inch for the list symbol. You also define a different list symbol for every item, namely the database ID of the country. The difference for the movie list is subtler: you tell iText that it shouldn t realign the list items. In listing 2.13, iText looks at all the items in the List and uses the maximum indentation for all the items. By adding the line movielist.setAlignindent(false) in listing 2.14, every list item now has its own list indentation based on the space taken by the list symbol. That is, unless you ve added the line list.setAutoindent(false), in which case the indentation specified with setSymbolIndent() is used. As you can see in figure 2.7, a period (.) symbol is added to each list symbol for ordered lists. You can override this behavior with the methods setPreSymbol() and setPostSymbol(). In listing 2.14, the pre- and postsymbols are defined in such a way that you get Director 1: , Director 2: , and so on, as list symbols (shown at the topright in figure 2.7).
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<div id='myAccordion'> <div> <div>Dictionary Definition</div> <div> <ul> <li><b>n.</b>A portable wind instrument with a small keyboard and free metal reeds that sound when air is forced past them by pleated bellows operated by the player.</li> <li><b>adj.</b>Having folds or bends like the bellows
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<%@ Page Language="VB" AutoEventWireup="false" CodeFile="Default.aspx.vb" Inherits="_Default" EnableSessionState="False" %>
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User interface development
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The result is the same, but the code is arguably cleaner and more concise.
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Balancing Performance Against Consistency
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Listing 13.16 JavaScript function to pause and skip the RSS reader feeds
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Wireless network Internet Device Comm tower Server
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You know that you are a serious Ant user when you start wanting to extend it through code. Although it seems an expert use of the tool, there is no need to feel intimidated. The word expert can bring into peoples minds visions of experts-only ski runs: steep and narrow descents where any failure results in life-threatening injuries. Ant is not like that. Extending it is an advanced use of the tool, but it is simple and painless. There comes a time in everyone s complex project where it suddenly becomes clear that Ant does not do everything you need to control the entire build. It may be that something minor is missing, such as being able to sleep for thirty seconds during installation or testing. It may be that something major is missing, like having no way to deploy EJB packages to the target application server. It may even be that a common Ant task does not work quite right. This happens to everyone and there is always a solution. Ant was designed to be extendible through Java classes, and it only takes a small amount of Java coding to write a new Ant task. If the problem lies in the actual Ant source itself, then the fact that an entire Ant source tree is a download away comes into play. If Ant does not work right, then it can be fixed. 467
Configures mail appender
We re now ready to test the application. We can run the client and service as before, but we want an extra client or two, to test out this multiuser chat service. Visual Studio doesn t provide a way to debug two instances of the same application, so we need to run the extra instances manually. We can do this by finding the folder where the compiled program lives. This will be in a subfolder of the project folder the program will be in a bin\debug subfolder. Running a couple of instances of the client we can type in some different names, and we see notes appear in the service s console window as the users connect:
Ensures synchronous execution of methods needing synchronous execution
Order out of chaos
MemberInfo is defined in the System.Reflection namespace. We can use it to discover
Open source (Apache)
The @PreUpdate event is triggered just before the state of the entity is synchronized with the database, and the @PostUpdate event happens after. This synchronization could occur at transaction commit time, when EntityManager.flush() is executed, or whenever the persistence context deems it necessary to update the database. The @PreRemove and @PostRemove events have to do with the removal of an entity bean from the database. @PreRemove is triggered whenever EntityManager.remove() is invoked on the entity bean, directly or because of a cascade. The @PostRemove event happens immediately after the actual database delete occurs. The @PostLoad event is triggered after an entity instance has been loaded by a find() or getReference() method call on the EntityManager interface, or when a JPA QL or Criteria query is executed. It is also called after the refresh() method is invoked.
You can set the header element to true if the return value is returned as a part of the message header. As with the @WebParam annotation, you have to use the partName argument to customize the name of value returned from an operation.
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