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Listing 9.4 Lamp.fx
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Using EJB persistence
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Set value of static DesignModeAvailableWebParts property
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methods, enumerators C, fields, constants, delegates, and so on. If you want to comment a method or delegate in addition to using <summary>, you can use the <param> and <returns> tags, as shown here. Listing 9.2 Commenting methods with XML comments
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1. Nothing when you create an AJAX-enabled web site, the ScriptManager control is included on your page by default. 2. The EnablePartialRendering property is the critical property of the ScriptManager control, which is why it is set to True by default. 3. The UpdatePanel control is the key control that enables asynchronous updates. 4. No, you can t. The extender controls need to have a target control to extend; they don t work alone. 5. All the Extender controls have a property called TargetControlID, which indicates the control that the extender acts on. 6. You have to set the WatermarkText property from Source view; it s not visible from Design view. 7. Yes; style sheets aren t necessary to use TextBoxWatermarkExtender; they re just a nice touch.
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19: Localization and Globalization
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roundRectangle rectangle
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A collection can also be sorted or ordered with Hibernate annotations:
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Cooperating with Java
16.1 What are push notifications
def n1:Number = 1.5; def n2:Number = 2.0; var nAdd = n1 + n2; var nSub = n1 - n2; var nMul = n1 * n2; var nDiv = n1 / n2; var iNum = n1.intValue(); println("nAdd = {nAdd}, nSub = {nSub}, " "nMul = {nMul}, nDiv = {nDiv}"); println("iNum = {iNum}");
When XDoclet attempts to generate the home interface for this bean, it will see that for the JNDI name it should use the value specified in the Ant property user.bean.jndi. Ant replaces the named property in the source file with the value contained in the build.xml file. Using this system, you can replace every hardcoded value in your source XDoclet JavaDoc tags with Ant property names. The advantage of this system is that it centralizes all of your property values into your build.xml file, and you no longer have to alter source code to change a value. XDoclet allows you to specify everything about a bean in its source file. Not everything is included in this chapter, but the list includes security roles, EJB relationships, method permission, transactions, and more. By moving all the values of these various elements into Ant properties in the build.xml file, you create a centralized control of the various values that can be changed at build time in a single file.
C:\Program Files\CruiseControl.NET\server
If you try to type that last block of code into Visual Basic, it will complain that you are missing either the Widening or the Narrowing keyword (see Figure 12-1).
If your service needs any custom types, they are defined in the <types> element, which is the first child of the <definitions> element. The complete WSDL document shown earlier did not include a <types> element because it didn t define any new types (it used XML Schema built-in types). The <types> element allows us to declare more complex XML types. For example, instead of declaring each parameter of the makeReservation operation as an individual part, you can combine them into a single structure that serves as the parameter of the operation:
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