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Pre- and Post Conditions: Design by Contract
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<target name="release-settings" if=""> <property name="build.debuglevel" value="lines"/> </target>
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Why do we need a second way of making queries when we already have LINQ to Entities Well, from a historical perspective that question has things back to front: during the Entity Framework s development, ESQL was around long before LINQ to Entities. But since LINQ to Entities made it into the first version of the EF, it s still reasonable to ask why we have both, what ESQL is for, and when it might look like a better choice than LINQ. ESQL s main benefit is that it s sometimes useful to be able to represent a query as text. In fact, the Entity Data Model itself exploits this there are some advanced scenarios in which ESQL queries can be embedded in the .edmx file. LINQ wouldn t be an option here because .edmx is just XML; to use LINQ requires a language that supports LINQ. If you wanted to store custom queries in a configuration file, you really wouldn t want to have to run the C# compiler at runtime to interpret the queries. And with ESQL you don t need to you can represent a query as a string and the EF can execute that for you at runtime. Another feature of a string-based query language is that it s relatively easy to compose queries at runtime. With a LINQ query expression, the structure is fixed at compile time and you only really get to tweak individual arguments, much like a fixed SQL query with a few named arguments. (Technically, it is actually possible to build LINQ queries dynamically. After all, LINQ operators are chained together with simple function calls. However, dynamic composition of Expression<T> trees turns out to be surprisingly difficult. It s not a scenario C# attempts to help you with you end up having to construct the expression trees without the compiler s assistance. This is not for the fainthearted.)
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6: Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation
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Table 14.6 Comparison of application code to persist an instance of an entity with two popular O/R frameworks Hibernate (from this) Session sess = sessions.openSession(); Transaction tx = sess.beginTransaction();; tx.commit(); sess.close(); UnitOfWork uow = session.acquireUnitOfWork(); uow.registerObject(category); uow.commit(); ut.begin(); em.persist(category); ut.commit();
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Luke s opening screen containing the index path and modes to open it tutorial
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So, what happens if in a later version we change the implementation of the Extinguish Fire method on the base class Maybe we found an optimization that means it is faster to implement it like this:
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Updates distance label
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Listing 19.7 Setting the factory function to use the IoC tool
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