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Integration Data Matrix ECC200 in Java Understanding Lucene s query syntax

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CGContextTranslateCTM(ctx, 100, 100); CGContextRotateCTM(ctx, .25*M_PI);
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Listing 8.4 Mapping an entity
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Data: advanced techniques
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Let s put some Ajax into action, shall we A TextSuggest component without Ajax is like a burger without the beef. With no disrespect to vegetarians, it s time for the beef. You already saw a hint of some Ajax setup when we were looking at the constructor. As you might recall, we placed a method call within the constructor called initAjax(). The initAjax() method does the setup required for the Rico Ajax support discussed earlier. Here s the implementation:
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Literal data values are all well and good, but they are useful only once, and then they re gone. Each time you want to use a literal value, you must retype it. It s as though the data values are stored in disposable cups instead of fine china teacups. And besides, only programmers enter literal values, not users, so they are of limited use in managing user data.
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Bridges are used in a multithreaded environment. Developers should make sure that bridge methods can be executed concurrently. Because Hibernate Search injects parameters into bridges in a thread-safe way, setParameterValues implementations don t need to guard against concurrency issues. In general, if you don t change the state of the bridge object after the call to setParameterValues, your bridge implementation is safe. Hibernate Search guarantees that the state defined in setParameterValues() is visible to any subsequent bridge method calls.
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bigint varchar(100) varchar(255)
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3.14 Sending notifications upon entity data changes
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// test the access string subst = "Universe"; lbt[1] = subst; // access all the strings for ( int i = 0; i < lbt.GetNumEntries( ); i++ ) { Console.WriteLine( "lbt[{0}]: {1}", i, lbt[i] ); } } } }
7: Classes and Objects
The toHTML method produces the contextual elements of the display followed by the text of the article. The first portion of the code displays the RSS Feed (x of y) : RSS Feed Title. The link attribute of the rssFeed parent is used to generate the HREF of the anchor produced, and the title is used to generate the text of the anchor. A CSS class name is generated for each span, one for the prompt, and another for the anchor, allowing each to be styled independently. This is illustrated in figure 13.15.
Installing the Java EE 5 SDK server Registering, checkout, address entering, account details verification, etc. Window offering choices for purchasing 1-Click Client GUI Customer
| 3: C# Language Fundamentals
The <service-ref-name> element declares the name of the JAX-RPC service in the JNDI ENC it s always relative to the java:comp/env context. The <service-interface> element identifies the JAX-RPC service interface, which is implemented by a JAX-RPC service object. The <wsdl-file> identifies the location of the WSDL document that describes the Charge-It web service. The WSDL document must be packaged in the same EJB-JAR file as the EJB that is making the web service call, whether you are using a <service-ref> element or an annotation to inject your web service. The path is always relative to the root of the EJB-JAR file. In this case, a copy of the Charge-It WSDL document, ChargeItProcessor.wsdl, is stored in the META-INF directory of the EJBJAR file. The <jaxrpc-mapping-file> element identifies the location of the JAX-RPC mapping file relative to the root of the EJB-JAR file. In this case, it s also located in the META-INF directory. (The JAX-RPC mapping file is an additional deployment file that helps the EJB container to understand the mapping between the WSDL document and the service endpoint interfaces.) The <service-qname> element identifies the fully qualified XML name of the WSDL <service> definition to which this reference pertains. The qualified service name is relative to the WSDL document identified by the <wsdlfile> element. The <mapped-named> element is a vendor-specific identifier that can map to a global registry of the application server (usually the global JNDI). The <injectiontarget> element is used to tell the EJB container to inject an instance of ProcessorService into the processorService field of the TravelAgentBean class. You can find more information about using <injection-target> in 16.
as being equivalent to the code in Example 7-27.
DOM. Keeping up with changes between browsers and managing browser detection can be a tedious and error-prone process. One of the goals of a toolkit or framework is to abstract away the complexities and discrepancies between browsers so you can use a simple and consistent set of APIs to perform the same operations. Another challenge is the requirement for a strong grasp of the JavaScript language. JavaScript isn t inherently a complex language; however, many ASP.NET developers lack expertise in it. In addition, JavaScript doesn t offer the objectoriented, type-safe features that .NET developers have grown accustomed to with C#, VB.NET, and other .NET languages. Concepts such as inheritance, interfaces, and events can be simulated in JavaScript but are left to you to implement. Without a framework, this portion of JavaScript remains for you to master in order to make any progress. Debugging and the lack of support for client-scripting languages in integrated development environments (IDEs) adds to the complexity and challenges. By now, you probably see the direction we re headed: In almost every case, it s wiser to leverage a framework or toolkit when developing Ajax-enabled applications rather than deal with these complexities on your own. We re certain there are simple situations where coding something quickly with the XMLHttpRequest object can get the job done, but this book s aspirations are much greater. With that said, it s time to look at ASP.NET AJAX and what it has to offer as a framework and library.
14.1.2 Representing simple static data in the Table service
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