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SELECT e FROM Employee e LEFT JOIN FETCH e.phones
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Test Your Knowledge: Exercises |
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MIDP user interface
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Persisting collections and arrays
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Elementary Schema Mappings
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Check that the amount entered by the user is greater than the maximum amount of existing bids for the item. Check that the auction hasn t yet ended. Create a bid for the item. Inform the user of the outcome of the tasks.
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Similarly, the text is retrieved from the SelectedItem property of the ListBox that holds the SubCategory, and that text is assigned to the Text property of the read-only TextBox:
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Determines if target files are older than source files. Archives a file set into WAR format. Archives a file set into ZIP format.
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XML Namespaces
The final common scenario we ll look at for dictionaries is to provide efficient storage for a sparse array. A sparse array is indexed by an integer, like a normal array, but only a tiny fraction of its elements contain anything other than the default value. For a numeric element type that would mean the array is mostly zeros, while for a reference type it would be mostly nulls. As an example of where this might be useful, consider a spreadsheet. When you create a new spreadsheet, it appears to be a large expanse of cells. But it s not really storing information for every cell. I just ran Microsoft Excel, pressed Ctrl-G to go to a particular cell and typed in $XFD$1000000, and then entered a value for that cell. This goes to the 16,384th column (which is as wide as Excel 2007 can go), and the 1 millionth row. Yet despite spanning more than 16 billion cells, the file is only 8 KB. And that s because it doesn t really contain all the cells it only stores information for the cells that contain something. The spreadsheet is sparse it is mostly empty. And it uses a representation that makes efficient use of space when the data is sparse. If you try to create a rectangular array with 16,384 columns and 1 million rows, you ll get an exception as such an array would go over the .NET 4 upper size limit for any single array of 2 GB. A newly created array always contains default values for all of its elements, so the information it contains is always sparse to start with sparseness is a characteristic of the data, rather than the storage mechanism, but the fact that we simply cannot create a new, empty array this large demonstrates that a normal array doesn t store sparse information efficiently. There is no built-in type designed specifically for storing sparse data, but we can use a dictionary to make such a thing. Example 9-7 uses a dictionary to provide storage for a single-dimensional sparse array of double elements. It uses long as the index argument type to enable the array to grow to a logical size that is larger than would be possible with an int, which tops out at around 2.1 billion.
Interceptor Class
"Washington" "Jefferson" "Lincoln" "Jackson" "Grant" "!! Non-president" "!! Value too large" "!! Invalid value"
@Target(TYPE) @Retention(RUNTIME) public @interface Table { String name() default ""; String catalog() default ""; String schema() default ""; UniqueConstraint[] uniqueConstraints() default {}; }
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