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Integrate DataMatrix in Java Understanding Lucene s query syntax

IFlyweight Flyweight FlyweightFactory
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Installing and configuring the Java EE 5 SDK
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Process 2
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/** * Name of the environment entry representing the ciphers' passphrase supplied * in ejb-jar.xml */ private static final String ENV_ENTRY_NAME_CIPHERS_PASSPHRASE = "ciphersPass phrase"; /** * Name of the environment entry representing the message digest algorithm supplied * in ejb-jar.xml */ private static final String ENV_ENTRY_NAME_MESSAGE_DIGEST_ALGORITHM = "message DigestAlgorithm"; /** * Default Algorithm used by the Digest for one-way hashing */ private static final String DEFAULT_ALGORITHM_MESSAGE_DIGEST = "MD5"; /** * Charset used for encoding/decoding Strings to/from byte representation */ private static final String CHARSET = "UTF-8"; /** * Default Algorithm used by the Cipher Key for symmetric encryption */ private static final String DEFAULT_ALGORITHM_CIPHER = "PBEWithMD5AndDES"; /** * The default passphrase for symmetric encryption/decryption */ private static final String DEFAULT_PASSPHRASE = "LocalTestingPassphrase"; /** * The salt used in symmetric encryption/decryption */ private static final byte[] DEFAULT_SALT_CIPHERS = {(byte) 0xB4, (byte) 0xA2, (byte) 0x43, (byte) 0x89, 0x3E, (byte) 0xC5, (byte) 0x78, (byte) 0x53}; /** * Iteration count used for symmetric encryption/decryption */ private static final int DEFAULT_ITERATION_COUNT_CIPHERS = 20; // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| // Instance Members ----------------------------------------------------------|| // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------|| /* * The following members represent the internal * state of the Service. Note how these are *not* leaked out
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The tastyFood instance is now an instance of a class with two members, a string named FishName and a decimal value named ServingCost. The only thing it doesn t have is a class name that is known to you. But Visual Basic knows what it is. Just for fun I compiled that last block of code and looked up the name of the generated type. Here it is:
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namespace Exercise_17_1 { // a class to hold the message to display public class CountDownClockEventArgs : EventArgs { public string message; public CountDownClockEventArgs(string message) { this.message = message; } } // The publisher; the class to which other // classes will subscribe. Provides the delegate TimeExpired // that fires when the requested amount of time has passed public class CountDownClock { private int seconds; private string message; // tell me the message to display, and how many seconds to wait public CountDownClock(string message, int seconds) { this.message = message; this.seconds = seconds; } // the delegate public delegate void TimesUpEventHandler ( object countDownClock, CountDownClockEventArgs alarmInformation ); // an instance of the delegate public TimesUpEventHandler TimeExpired; // Wait until time has elapsed, then check to see // if anyone is listening, and send the message public void Run( ) { // sleep until time has elapsed Thread.Sleep(seconds * 1000); if (TimeExpired != null) { // Create the CountDownClockEventArgs to hold the message
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Understanding Ant integration
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This book has given you a tour through 23 design patterns (some with extra variations), 25 C# features, 20 examples, and 25 theory codes. Now, you are ready to reap the benefits of design patterns in C# 3.0. Design patterns offer a number of benefits as they do the following: Promote design reuse Form a common vocabulary and improve communication within and across software development teams Improve documentation Help developers restructure a system, regardless of whether it used them up front Explicitly capture knowledge that experienced developers already understand implicitly Facilitate training of new developers Transcend programming-language-centric viewpoints Exploit and bring out the best in programming languages You may not have encountered these design benefits in your career yet, except of course the last one, which is the subject of this book. Now, armed with the knowledge and skills here, you will be able to apply each design pattern in the right place and at the right time, knowing that it will be programmed correctly.
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14: Generics and Collections
An EJB deployment descriptor (ejb-jar.xml) describes the contents of an EJB module, any resources used by it, and security transaction settings. The deployment descriptor is written in XML, and because it is external to the Java byte code, it allows you to separate concerns for development and deployment. The deployment descriptor is optional and you could use annotations instead, but we don t advise using annotations in all cases for several reasons. Annotations are great for development, but may not be well suited for deployments where settings may change frequently. During deployment it is common in large companies for different people to be involved for each environment (development, test, production, etc.). For instance, your application requires such resources as DataSource or JMS objects, and the JNDI names for these resources change between these environments. It does not make sense to hard-code these names in the code using annotations. The deployment descriptor allows the deployers to understand the contents and take appropriate action. Keep in mind that even if the deployment descriptor is optional, certain settings such as default interceptors for an EJB -JAR module require a deployment descriptor. An EJB -JAR module may contain
page was loaded in listing 13.5) that contains the URLs to our feeds and prepare them for our ContentLoader.
Example A-31. Our solution to Exercise 12-2 (continued)
With two brief lines of XDoclet comments, you have generated an 18line file (excluding whitespace and comments). In addition, most of the necessary class and field type information has been gathered from the source file itself, without you having to specify it. The fully qualified name of the class (com.manning.hq.ch09.Event) is included, as well as the Long field id.
You can create an array using any type for the element type you re not limited to types provided by the .NET Framework class library. You can use a class defined in the way shown in 3, such as the calendar event type in Example 7-9.
< xml version="1.0"> <project> ..<target name="init"> ....<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/> ..</target> </project>
This is easy to code but can result in a lot of very small bits of traffic to the server, which is inefficient and potentially confusing. If we want to control our traffic, we can capture these updates and queue them locally and then send them to the server in batches at our leisure. A simple update queue implemented in JavaScript is shown in listing 5.13.
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