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hbm2java is highly customizable; you use extra metadata in the mapping files as with hbm2ddl. The Hibernate toolset documentation explains the basic usage of the
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The following listing presents a snippet from a web page with support for many style sheets, including two for mobile-specific use.
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public List<Item> searchItems(String search) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( search ); previousLuceneQuery = luceneQuery; FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class ); @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") List<Item> results = query.list(); return results; } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<Item> searchWithinSearch(String search) { if (previousLuceneQuery == null) return searchItems( search ); FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( search ); FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class );
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Similarly an application is useless if it has consistency issues. We ll begin by discussing entity locking.
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<%@ Page Language="C#" MasterPageFile="~/Views/Shared/Site.Master" Inherits="System.Web.Mvc.ViewPage" %> <%@ Import Namespace="RssWidgetPortableArea"%> Imports helper <asp:Content ID="indexTitle" ContentPlaceHolderID="TitleContent" runat="server"> Home Page </asp:Content> <asp:Content ID="indexContent" ContentPlaceHolderID="MainContent" runat="server">
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As you can guess from our title, this button press just enacts a very innocuous title change, but it would be easy to redraw your table list or even to integrate that button with the navigation itself, perhaps using it as a home button. At this point you ve got a navigation controller that does precisely nothing, other than showing a gray bar with a title, and perhaps a working button. Unlike with the other controllers that you ve met so far, you re going to need to do some runtime work to get your navigation controller actually working.
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// Target public sealed class Aircraft : IAircraft { int height; bool airborne; public Aircraft( ) { height = 0; airborne = false; } public void TakeOff ( ) { Console.WriteLine("Aircraft engine takeoff"); airborne = true; height = 200; // Meters } public bool Airborne { get {return airborne;} } public int Height { get {return height;} } } // Adaptee interface public interface ISeacraft { int Speed {get;} void IncreaseRevs( ); } // Adaptee implementation public class Seacraft : ISeacraft { int speed = 0; public virtual void IncreaseRevs( ) { speed += 10; Console.WriteLine("Seacraft engine increases revs to " + speed + " knots"); } public int Speed { get {return speed;} } } // Adapter public class Seabird : Seacraft, IAircraft { int height = 0; // A two-way adapter hides and routes the Target's methods // Use Seacraft instructions to implement this one public void TakeOff( ) { while (!Airborne) IncreaseRevs( ); } // Routes this straight back to the Aircraft public int Height { get {return height;} }
<property name="description" column="DESCRIPTION" type="string"/> <property name="description" type="string"> <column name="DESCRIPTION"/> </property>
public Map<Integer, ProductAccounts> getProductMap() { return productMap; } Gets account map public Map<Integer, AccountManufacturers> getAccountMap() { return accountMap; } }
The Chart distribution, originally by David Bonner, and now maintained by Peter Clark, is a collection of charting classes very much like GD::Graph. In fact, the documentation states that it originally borrowed most of its API from GIFgraph. The chart types that are supported are:
The final control to add is a button that lets the user close the form. Add a Button control to the form with the following properties.
Executing: void javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(Component, Object) Thread[AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]
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private Subject _authenticatedSubject; public abstract pointcut authOperations(); before() : authOperations() { if(_authenticatedSubject != null) { return; } try { authenticate(); } catch (LoginException ex) { throw new AuthenticationException(ex); } } public abstract Permission getPermission( JoinPoint.StaticPart joinPointStaticPart);
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