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If you look in the documentation you ll see that more than three types derive from Panel. However, the others are in the System.Windows.Controls.Primitives namespace, signifying that they are not meant for general use. These are specialized panels designed only to be used inside specific controls.
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machine (it isn t). The other JGroups attributes are more complex and can be found in the JGroups documentation. They deal with the discovery algorithms used to detect new nodes in a group, failure detection, and in general, the management of the group communication. So, after changing the cache concurrency strategy of your persistent classes to transactional (or read-only) and creating a treecache.xml file for node A, you can start up your application and check the log output. We recommend enabling DEBUG logging for the org.jboss.cache class; you ll see how JBossCache reads the configuration and node A is reported as the first node in the cluster. To deploy node B, change the IP address in the configuration file and repeat the deployment procedure with this new file. You should see join messages on both nodes as soon as the cache is started. Your Hibernate application will now use fully transactional caching in a cluster: each element put into the cache will be replicated, and updated elements will be invalidated. There is one final optional setting to consider. For cluster cache providers, it might be better to set the Hibernate configuration option hibernate. cache.use_minimal_puts to true. When this setting is enabled, Hibernate will only add an item to the cache after checking to ensure that the item isn t already cached. This strategy performs better if cache writes (puts) are much more expensive than cache reads (gets). This is the case for a replicated cache in a cluster, but not for a local cache (the default is false, optimized for a local cache). Whether you re using a cluster or a local cache, you sometimes need to control it programmatically for testing or tuning purposes. Controlling the second-level cache Hibernate has some useful methods that will help you test and tune your cache. You may wonder how to disable the second-level cache completely. Hibernate will only load the cache provider and start using the second-level cache if you have any cache declarations in your mapping files or XML configuration file. If you comment them out, the cache is disabled. This is another good reason to prefer centralized cache configuration in hibernate.cfg.xml. Just as the Session provides methods for controlling the first-level cache programmatically, so does the SessionFactory for the second-level cache. You can call evict() to remove an element from the cache, by specifying the class and the object identifer value:
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Unless you specify left, right, or full as the prefix to the join statement, the default is to use inner joins. All of the joins in table 6.1 behave like their SQL counterparts, except for inner join fetch. Joining a lazy collection with inner join fetch will cause the collection to be returned as populated. For example:
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12.1.7 The IDropTarget interface
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There are definitely times when you ll want to work with the low-level Address Book functions you ve seen so far. But you also don t want to reinvent the wheel. If you need to let a user select, edit, or insert a new contact, you don t need to program the UI. Instead, you can use the Address Book UI framework, which has all that functionality preprogrammed. The Address Book UI framework contains only the four classes that we summarized in table 9.3: ABPeoplePickerNavigationController, ABNewPersonViewController, ABPersonViewController, and ABUnknownPersonViewController. Each of these UI objects is as the names suggest a view controller. To be precise, they re highly specialized modal controllers that each assist you in a single Address Book related task. Each controller also has a delegate protocol, which is how you link to a class that s already pretty fully realized. We ll touch on each of these classes, but we ll give a lot of attention to only the people picker (ABPeoplePickerNavigationController).
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Stops activity animation
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Then, when invoked by a remote client, the bean obtains the requested customer data in XML format from the CustomerDAO and returns it to the caller.
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"Best in Show"; "Best of Breed"; "Judge's Cup"; "Best Toy Tog"; "Best Working Dog"; "Best Large Dog";
Create a stereographic image from two images.
LDAP Processor
setLiteral() Allows you to add literal PDF syntax to the ByteBuffer. Use this
This code is fine, but in this situation, Hibernate detects two changes to the inmemory persistent instances. From the point of view of the database, only one value has to be updated to reflect these changes: the ITEM_ID column of the BID table. Hibernate doesn t transparently detect the fact that the two changes refer to the same database column, because at this point you ve done nothing to indicate that this is a bidirectional association. In other words, you ve mapped the same column twice (it doesn t matter that you did this in two mapping files), and Hibernate always needs to know about this because it can t detect this duplicate automatically (there is no reasonable default way it could be handled).
Create an abstraction layer, using the DAO pattern to keep queries together and thus simplifying client object usage. Improve the DAO objects with the Layer Supertype pattern, reducing the resource cleanup code. Use Spring to further organize and simplify your DAO code.
This approach makes sense when web clients need to store temporary information relevant to a user s current location. Pay careful attention to the number of conditions that result in a user s session being lost. It s evident that a session is intended to live for a limited time at any given location. As such, only temporal information should be added to a session. When a user moves locations, the session should be able to be destroyed without adverse side effects. Take, for example, the case where a session tracks whether a user is currently logged in. When the user logs out using a form in the browser, a well-designed servlet invokes the session.invalidate() method. This, in turn, destroys all session state. That s a good thing since you don t want someone maliciously using your session when you re gone. It s a bad thing if you want to log the user out without losing the session state. That is, if the HttpSession object is storing shopping cart contents, they ll vanish when the user logs out. A servlet session is best when you need to store information that can be recreated easily when the user logs in from any location. For example, the existence of information in the session can be used to indicate a user s login status.
We won t consider dynamic models or XML representation again in this book. Instead, we ll focus on static persistent classes and how they are mapped.
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