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The compiled persistent classes, Event.class and Location.class files. The Hibernate library JAR files.
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corresponding to the modification time of the file. During cache retrieval, if the cache timestamp doesn t match the last modified time of the stylesheet file, you must proceed with the logic of creating a new Transformer and updating the cache. In our examples, we never removed any Transformers from the cache, thus letting it grow unbounded. This may eventually lead to the VM running out of memory. You can fix this problem by adding a SoftReference-wrapped Transformer object. Before running out of memory, the VM will garbagecollect these SoftReferences instead of issuing the devastating OutOfMemoryError. Instead of waiting for the low memory condition to trigger the cache cleanup, you could also actively monitor the cache to remove, say, the least recently used Transformer.2 You could, of course, still use the SoftReferences to augment the monitoring logic, especially since monitoring parameters such as frequency of cleanup and the cache size are hard to determine and if chosen incorrectly will lead to out-of-memory errors.
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Note the inverse="true". Again, this setting tells Hibernate to ignore changes made to the categories collection and that the other end of the association, the items collection, is the representation that should be synchronized with the database if you link instances in Java code.
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Next, you ll learn how to set up a presentation bean and create a behavior method that can be called.
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These are one-to-one associations:
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Table 9.1 The rigorous style of C requires you to think about a few new programming topics. C concept Declaration and typing Summary You must declare variable types. You must declare function argument types and return types. You may need to repeat these declarations in a header file. You may sometimes need to explicitly manage the memory usage of your variables. Some variables are represented as pointers to spaces in memory. Programs are divided between source (.c) and header (.h) files. Precompiler commands are marked with the # sign. This includes the
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Documenting the Database
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Table 3.1 Connection pooling services Pooling Service C3P0 Apache DBCP Proxool Provider Class org.hibernate.connection.C3P0ConnectionProvider org.hibernate.connection.ProxoolConnectionProvider org.hibernate.connection.DBCPConnectionProvider Configuration Prefix c3p0 dbcp proxool
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Let s verify that MySQL is working:
Almaer, Dion. Using XDoclet: Developing EJBs with Just the Bean Class. 2002. Ambler, Scott. The Enterprise Unified Process. Integrating deployment with the iterative development stage. 2001. AntFAQ. Frequently Asked Questions about Ants. 2000. Bray, Tim. The Annotated XML Specification. 1998. If you have to read the XML specification, this is the version to read. Dorigo. 2000 Fielding, Roy Thomas. Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures. Ph.D. Dissertation, University of California, 2000. Fowler, Martin and Matthew Foemmel. Continuous Integration. 2000. Free Software Foundation. GNU Make Manual. Hatcher, Erik. Automating the build and test process. 2001. Koeritz, Chris. Clam. 2001. Liang, Sheng. The Java Native Interface Programmer s Guide and Specification. 1999. Loughran, Steve. Ant in Anger: Using Ant in a Production Environment. Apache. 2000. Loughran, Steve. When Web Services Go Bad,. Web Services Developer s Conference. 2002 (1). Loughran, Steve. Making Web Services that Work. To be published as an HP Laboratories Technical Report. 2002 (2). Neward, Ted. Understanding Class.forName (). 2000. This explains why extension libraries confuse programs. Neward, Ted. (2001) X-Power: Use XML to Write Papers.
The identity of detached objects
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