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public class SecurityLoadListener extends DefaultLoadEventListener { public void onLoad(LoadEvent event, LoadEventListener.LoadType loadType) throws HibernateException { if ( !MySecurity.isAuthorized( event.getEntityClassName(), event.getEntityId() ) ) { throw MySecurityException("Unauthorized access"); } super.onLoad(event, loadType); } }
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grid: [ 5,3,0 6,0,0 0,9,8 8,0,0 4,0,0 7,0,0 0,6,0 0,0,0 0,0,0 ]
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DecoratorB b = new DecoratorB(new Component( )); Display("5. A-B-decorated : ", new DecoratorA(b)); // Invoking its added state and added behavior Console.WriteLine("\t\t\t"+b.addedState + b.AddedBehavior( )); 5. A-B-decorated : I am walking to school and listening to Classic FM past the Coffee Shop and I bought a cappuccino
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IDE 293 294 Illustrator (Adobe) 233, 235, 247, 268, 318 Image (class) 135, 216, 218, 297 image scaling 297 images 137, 211, 216, 220 animated independently 218 load from directory 134 size 211 ImageView (class) 139, 219, 227 immediate mode graphics 2, 107, 127, 274, 281 init (keyword) 112 initializer optional 20 Inkscape 232 233, 246, 266, 268, 318 inline comments 16 inMousePressed (variable) 152
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sub line { my $self my ($r1, my ($x1, my ($x2,
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Connecting to a Bluetooth peripheral Interacting with the SensorManager Building and running the SenseBot application
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You can specify the root directories of the source files you want to compile by passing the list of directories to the -sourceroots option. The AspectJ compiler will then compile all the source files under each specified directory and all their subdirectories. The following command will compile all the source files that have F:\aspectj-book\appendixA\sectionA.4\shopping or F:\aspectj-book\appendixA\sectionA.4\tracing as an ancestor directory:
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ErrorHandler: Me.Cursor = Windows.Forms.Cursors.Default GeneralError("GroupName.SaveFormData", Err.GetException( )) TransactionRollback( ) Return False End Function
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EntryForm object, we take advantage of the initListener() method set up earlier for handling changes to the choice group item. Inside of the initListener() method, another anonymous inner class is used to implement the CommandListener and handle the exit and get command events. The code for both listeners is
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If you look at the Layers panel, you ll see that the Grouped Layers layer can t be clicked. This layer was constructed with the createTitle() method.
no-arg constructor 255 node 121 master 121 122 processing 435 slave 121 noise 5 word 128 nonblocking I/O. See NIO NONE (FilterCacheModeType) 257 non-sharded 330, 335 NoResultException 183 norm 365, 372 normalization 104, 364, 369, 372, 379 preventing 372 normalize 381 normalizing document length 359 <not available> 340, 422 null, special marker 66 number 23, 90 of files opened 289 of operations 291 of transactions 291 numeric fields 242 numSug 416
<a href="/WDG-0002 language=fr">WDG0002 (French)</a>
8: Inside Methods
237 Defines route
Habits of highly effective build files
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job scheduler 336 joins 329 331 client-side 330 331 compared to duplication 329 in-memory 328
Debugging |
The task takes a classpath containing the stub class to work from, the name of the class, and an output directory, generating a header file in that directory named org_ tasklibs_CpuInfo.h. The javah program derives the name from the package and class declarations. The <javah> task does no dependency checking on the Java source, so it does not know when to generate a file. The force="true" attribute tells the task to always create header files, even if the destination exists. This is inefficient: the task always creates the header file, so the C++ compiler will always rebuild the library, even if nothing has changed. Unless and until the <javah> task gets dependency checking, you need to keep it off the main build or use an <uptodate> call to make the header generation target conditional on the destination file being out of date. Here we take the pain of recompilation, because our project is so small. 414 DEVELOPING NATIVE CODE
NSMutableURLRequest *myRequest = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:myURL]; NSString *myContent = [NSString stringWithFormat: @"multipart/form-data; boundary=%@",myBounds]; [myRequest setValue:myContent forHTTPHeaderField:@"Content-type"]; [myRequest setHTTPMethod:@"POST"]; [myRequest setHTTPBody:myReturn];
The output looks like this:
Tests mapping configuration
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