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You should now have a good idea of what EJB 3 is, what it brings to the table, and why you should consider using it to build server-side applications. We gave you an overview of the new features in EJB 3, including these important points:
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Note that we are using the javax.persistence.Persistence class b to create an instance of EntityManagerFactory. Persistence is the bootstrap class outside the Java EE container that allows us to access the EntityManagerFactory by invoking the createEntityManagerFactory method. You can create an EntityManager instance c after initializing the factory. Keep in mind that you have to use the EntityTransaction interface to begin and commit a transaction d and e. Finally we close the EntityManager f.
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A lot is going on here, but the important thing is that each action has a stack of interceptors. Think of interceptors as things that happen before execute() is called. In addition to binding parameters to the
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Storing files in a scaled-out fashion is a pain in the NAS
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The complete Hibernate mapping catalog
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Native queries with multiple entities
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Because searchString is a user-supplied string variable, we use the setString() method of the Query interface to bind it to the named parameter (searchString). This code is cleaner, much safer, and performs better, because a single compiled SQL statement can be reused if only bind parameters change. Often, you ll need multiple parameters:
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How much money do you have to spend Do you want to pay the angle-bracket tax (write a lot of XML) Does it support the other tools you need How good are the documentation and support Does it do what you want it to do Does it do more than you need, not just now but into the future Is it easy to use Is it cool and hip
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import com.sun.kjava.*; public class HiSmallWorld extends Spotlet { private Graphics g = Graphics.getGraphics(); public static void main(String[] args) { HiSmallWorld app = new HiSmallWorld(); } public HiSmallWorld() { g.clearScreen(); g.drawString("Hi Small World!", 45, 80); } }
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Next is a row to gather credit card information. A RadioButtonList allows the user a choice of credit card type, and again validates that the user makes a choice.
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string s2 = s1.Substring(index+1);
public class User { ... public boolean equals(Object other) { if (this==other) return true; if (id==null) return false; if ( !(other instanceof User) ) return false; final User that = (User) other; return that.getId() ); } public int hashCode() { return id==null System.identityHashCode(this) : id.hashCode(); } }
Let s first get an overview of the available tools, the artifacts they use as source input, and the output that is produced. Figure 2.1 shows various import and
Understanding transactions
PdfPCell extends Rectangle, inheriting a plethora of methods to change the way borders are drawn and backgrounds are painted. We ll discuss these methods later on. First, we ll focus on the content of a PdfPCell. Internally, PdfPCell content is kept inside a ColumnText object. The mechanics of a PdfPCell are easy to understand if you know how the ColumnText object works. If
namespace MyLibrary { class MyType { } }
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