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Before you start writing new code, you need a basic understanding of what s there already, so we ll examine contents of the three most important files that our basic template created: main.m, helloworldxcAppDelegate.h, and helloworldxcAppDelegate.m.
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The problem is that we ve given it too much latitude. Example 18-25 will work with a wide range of delegate types. It would be happy with Predicate<object>, Predicate<dynamic>, Predicate<int>, Func<object, bool>, Func<dynamic, bool>, or Func<int, bool>. Or you could define a custom delegate type of your own that was equivalent to any of these. The only thing the C# compiler can see is that Dynamic Where expects a dynamic argument, so for all it knows, it could pass any type at all. All it would have to do is pick one that fits the Test method s signature any delegate type with a single argument and a return type of bool would do. But it doesn t have any rule to say which particular delegate type to use by default here. In Example 18-22, the compiler knew what to do because the Where method expected a specific delegate type: Func<int, bool>. Since there was only one possible option, the C# compiler was able to create a delegate of the right kind. But now that it has too much choice, we need to narrow things down again so that it knows what to do. Example 18-27 shows one way to do this, although you could cast to any of the delegate types mentioned earlier.
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private static void WriteTo(Stream source, Stream target, int bufferLength) { bufferLength = Math.Max(100, bufferLength); var buffer = new byte[bufferLength]; int bytesRead; do {
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saves us the effort of explicitly asking Hibernate to update the database when we modify the state of an object inside a transaction. Similarly, you can see that the new message was made persistent when a reference was created from the first message. This feature is called cascading save: It saves us the effort of explicitly making the new object persistent by calling save(), as long as it s reachable by an alreadypersistent instance. Also notice that the ordering of the SQL statements isn t the same as the order in which we set property values. Hibernate uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine an efficient ordering that avoids database foreign key constraint violations but is still sufficiently predictable to the user. This feature is called transactional write-behind. If we run Hello World again, it prints
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Bean-managed transaction EJBs can set a timeout value for a transaction using the setTransactionTimeout() method from the UserTransaction instance acquired from the EJBContext set in the bean. For example:
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Recording audio
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Listing 2.5
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The Holiday database table includes two main fields used in calculating holidays: EntryType and EntryDetail. Let s store these as members of the class, and add a flag that ensures the entry is valid.
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We can use XSLT to transform our XML file into a nice HTML table with only a few lines of code. The XSLT document allows for pattern matching if necessary to display the data in any format we want. The pattern matching uses a template to display the data. We loop through the source tree nodes with the XSLT to display the data. The XSLT takes the structured XML file and converts it into a viewable format that is easy to update and change. Our XSLT document will be defined statically. Explaining the XSLT structure An XSLT transformation contains the rules for transforming a source tree into a result tree. The whole XSLT process consists of pattern matching. When a pattern is matched against the source tree elements, the template then creates our result tree. The result tree structure does not have to be related to the source tree structure. Since they can be different, we can take our XML file and convert it into any format we want. We are not required to stick with a tabular dataset. This XSLT transformation is called a stylesheet since it styles the result tree. The stylesheet contains template rules, which have two parts. The first part is the pattern, which is matched against the nodes of the source tree. When a match is
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This extracts the hostname from both the Windows NT and the Unix environment variables. Apparently, it does not work on Mac OS X; non-Unix platforms are an unknown. We have a <hostname> task in the pipeline that will work across all platforms, but it came in too late for Ant 1.5. Loading in the system-specific details With the hostname, we can load in hostname-specific properties
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Start transition
Business services Service orchestration
Add a new binding
Android promises to have something for everyone. It aims to support a variety of hardware devices, not just high-end ones typically associated with expensive smartphones. Of course, Android users will enjoy improved performance on a more powerful device, considering that it sports a comprehensive set of computing features. But how well can Android scale up and down to a variety of markets and gain market and mind share How quickly can the smartphone market become the standard Some folks are still clinging to phone-only devices, even though smartphones are growing rapidly in virtually every demographic. Let s look at Android from the perspective of a few existing players in the marketplace. When you re talking about the cellular market, the place to start is at the top, with the carriers, or as they re sometimes referred to, the mobile operators.
You must not change the value of the key object once you use it in a dictionary.
var moonDiv=document.createElement("div"); moonDiv.className='cursor';'absolute';*sx)-offx)+"px";*sx)-offy)+"px"; canvas.appendChild(moonDiv); var earthDiv=document.createElement("div"); earthDiv.className='cursor';'absolute';*sx)-offx)+"px";*sx)-offy)+"px"; canvas.appendChild(earthDiv); } watch.stop(); }
Calling save(...) for the Event instance assigns a generated ID value to the instance and persists the instance. (Keep in mind that Hibernate doesn t set the ID value if the generator type is assigned.) The flush()
Exception Handling
Note that, as previously mentioned, HQL queries ignore the outer-join attribute; but we might be using a criteria query. This mapping avoids the problem as far as this transaction is concerned; we re now able to load all bids in the initial select. Unfortunately, any other transaction that retrieves items using get(), load(), or a criteria query will also retrieve all the bids at once. Retrieving unnecessary data imposes extra load on both the database server and the application server and may also reduce the concurrency of the system, creating too many unnecessary read locks at the database level. Hence we consider eager fetching at the level of the mapping file to be almost always a bad approach. The outer-join attribute of collection mappings is arguably a misfeature of Hibernate (fortunately, it s disabled by default). Occasionally it makes sense to enable outer-join for a <many-to-one> or <one-to-one> association (the default is auto; see chapter 4, section, Single point associations ), but we d never do this in the case of a collection. Our recommended solution for this problem is to take advantage of Hibernate s support for runtime (code-level) declarations of association fetching strategies. The example can be implemented like this:
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