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We ll change the onclick handler to be a call to a function that will use our portal component. Let s assume that the portal component will be instantiated via a script that executes once the page loads. A representative example of what this should look like is shown in listing 11.13.
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Plane someBoeing777 = new Plane("BA0049"); someBoeing777.Direction = DirectionOfApproach.Approaching;
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rity model offer real protection from this kind of exploit. The model also prevents malicious sites from downloading your Ajax client code directly from your website and pointing it at a different server without your users knowing that they were talking to a different back-end. In a data-centric interaction, the risk is slightly less, as the server is delivering data rather than live code. Nonetheless, if delivered from a third-party server the data might contain information crafted to do harm when parsed. For example, it might overwrite or delete vital information, or cause resources to be consumed on the server.
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// Then perform the action foreach (ActionCheckPair process in processes) { process.Action(doc); if (LogTextProvider != null) { Console.WriteLine(LogTextProvider(doc)); } }
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ReceiptPrinter (String)
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Converting the data is one part of the problem; the system also has to keep the data synchronized between the database and the index. Remember, Lucene isn t part of the relational engine and doesn t know when the data is updated. Thanks to its highlevel knowledge, the application layer knows when data is changed. The application could be responsible for updating the index when it updates a database row, as shown in figure 1.14. This solution is a bit fragile, especially if data is updated in multiple areas in the system. Missing one or two update routines might have unfortunate consequences
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Tasks are listed in the following format: Brief description of task.
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Behind the scene graph
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This method does the same thing as the client-side validator, only in VB rather than in JavaScript. There are a few things to notice about these methods. First, the value that the CustomValidator is examining is passed to your routine as the Value property of the ServerValidateEventArgs event argument. You convert that string to an int using the Base Class Library Int32 object s static Parse method, as shown. The declaration for the CustomValidator in the content file sets the client-side method and the server-side method you ve designated.
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39. Handle creation and deletion of property-referenced directories individually. Do not assume that hierarchically named properties refer to hierarchically structured directories.
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Listing 6.9 The full ObtainQuoteMIDlet
Indexing: where, how, what, and when
There is one master index with all the sections closed, and there is a single index page for each section. Selecting one of the arrows opens or closes the selected section by loading a different HTML document. I had already created a set of HTML files with a prototype of this idea, which convinced me even more that I did not want to manually maintain this HTML. Each time I had to add a photo, or wanted to start a new series of photos, I had to resize and scale various images to the correct size, put them in the right location, and then edit several HTML documents, making certain to get all the names of these files correct.
This is what the embeddable class looks like:
interface Sys.IDisposable +dispose()
Capturing media
Prepares request
These are one-to-one associations:
To illustrate the limitations of using SELECT, let s look again at a LINQ query that returns a product entity in its entirety:
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