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which, when installed, advertises its presence to Visual Studio, enabling its assemblies to show up in this list too.
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java -cp "bin;lib/iText.jar" part1.chapter01.HelloWorld
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Figure 11.2 The default class loaders used by Sun s JVM. The bootstrap class loader (sometimes called the boot class loader) is at the top of the hierarchy and loads all platform classes.
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One feature that has always been missing from Visual Basic is the ability to conveniently scan a delimited file (such as tab-delimited or comma-delimited) or a fixedwidth-field file, and extract the fields on each line without a lot of extra parsing code. Visual Basic now includes the Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.TextFieldParser object that simplifies this process. This object lets you indicate either a field delimiter (such as the tab character) or an array of column sizes. Once you associate it with a file path, it reads each data line, breaking up the distinct fields for you into a string array. The My.Computer.FileSystem.OpenTextFieldParser method opens the file and defines the parsing method in one fell swoop.
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>%MIDPTools%\midp -classpath %MIDPClasses%;.\quote.jar -descriptor QuoteMIDletSuite.jad
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Windows Forms offers a way to build Windows desktop applications using the .NET Framework. This may sound rather familiar if you re reading the chapters in order surely WPF does that The two technologies do overlap, but they work very differently. Windows Forms is essentially a wrapper around the classic Win32-based UI: when you create a Windows Forms text box, you get an ordinary Windows text box with a .NET wrapper. That s not true in WPF in order to escape the limitations of the Win32 UI its controls are all rebuilt from scratch. So while they go to great lengths to look and behave like their Win32 counterparts, they re not based on them. (And Silverlight can run on Mac OS X, so it s clearly not dependent on any of the Windows common controls either.) Since WPF rebuilds so much of the UI infrastructure from the ground up, it took awhile to emerge it only appeared in .NET version 3.0, almost half a decade after .NET 1.0 shipped. Windows Forms was available from day one, presumably due in part to its less ambitious scope since Windows provided the underpinnings it has less to do than WPF. While this history explains how we ended up with two different technologies for building Windows desktop applications in C#, it leaves the question: why might you care about Windows Forms today WPF was invented to get away from some limitations of the underlying Win32 UI system, so it s more powerful than Windows Forms, but Windows Forms offers a couple of advantages. First, because Windows Forms was around long before WPF, it s very well supported, both by Microsoft s tools and by third parties. In Visual Studio, the Windows Forms designer is more mature than the WPF one in Windows Forms, you can get a higher proportion of things done in the designer than in WPF, where you can end up needing to do more things by hand in C# or Xaml. And if you re looking to reuse existing controls, you might be able to find Windows Forms controls that offer more of the features you would like than the nearest WPF equivalent. (You can mix WPF and Windows Forms in a single application, so you might end up using a Windows Forms read datamatrix
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13.6.2 Migrating with the wizard
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This chapter covers
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private void buildIndex() { tx = session.beginTransaction(); ScopedEntity entity = new ScopedEntity(); entity.setField1("test field1"); entity.setField2("test field2");; entity = new ScopedEntity(); entity.setField1("test field3"); entity.setField2("test field4");
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SQL Server
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { canvas.addTemplate(celluloid, 0, i * 84.2f); }
An interface for Observers specifying how they should be updated
<components> <component> <scope>request</scope> <class>com.manning.hq.ch08.EventDao</class> <enabler> com.manning.hq.ch08.webwork.EventDaoAware </enabler> </component> </components>
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