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Development Data Matrix ECC200 in Java Indexing: where, how, what, and when

@Resource(name="jdbc/ActionBazaarDS") private javax.jdbc.DataSource myDB;
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The ForPage method takes a single generic argument, specifying the view model type for the particular page being viewed at the moment B. Next, we find a specific text value with the FindText method C, which accepts an expression for a specific model value and the value to assert. We look for the first product s price and assert that its value is the same value supplied in our earlier form submission. The ForPage method builds a FluentPage object, which is shown in listing 20.21.
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Table 6.1 An overview of the PDF manipulation classes Usage
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At the top of the program all the needed modules are imported; Image::Magick to do the graphics manipulation, and the standard Getopt::Long module to process command-line arguments.
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There are two kinds of XML files in iBATIS. The first is the master configuration file and the others are the SQL mapping files. The master configuration file The master configuration file can be called whatever you like; however, we recommend calling it SqlMapConfig.xml. If you have multiple configuration files for different parts of the application, then prefix the configuration filename with the name of the application module. So if your application has a web client and a GUI client with different configurations, you might use WebSqlMapConfig.xml and GuiSqlMapConfig.xml. You may also have multiple environments in which you deploy, such as production and test environments. In this case, prefix the filename with the type of environment as well. Continuing with the previous example, you might have ProductionWebSqlMapConfig.xml and TestWebSqlMapConfig.xml. These names are descriptive, and the consistency creates opportunities to automate builds to different environments. The SQL mapping files How you name the SQL mapping files will depend a lot on how you ve organized your mapped statements. Earlier in this book we recommended that you organize your mapped statements into separate XML files based on their return types and parameters. If you ve done that, naming the file after the return types and parameters will also work. For example, if one mapping XML file contains SQL statements involving the Person class, then naming the mapping file Person.xml would be appropriate. Most applications will do fine with this naming approach. There are other considerations, though. Some applications may require multiple implementations of the same statement to match different databases. For the most part, SQL can be written in a portable way. For example, the original JPetStore application that was written with iBATIS was compatible with 11 different databases. However, sometimes there are features of the database that are not portable but that are ideal for the solution being implemented. In cases like this, it becomes acceptable and even important
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Listing 8.7 Kayak POJO
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Once all this is in place, the Visitor pattern s mechanism can get into action. Within the recursive method CountElements (line 48 52), an Accept method is called on an object of type Element.
Contains constants for yes and no database values Sets parameters with our type handler
In the previous code snippet, we replaced the default tag prefix (cc1) with ajaxToolkit. If you aren t using the Visual Studio Designer, you should manually add the @Register directive at the top of the ASP.NET page. In the Designer, click the auto-complete extender, and open the Properties panel. The panel shows all the properties exposed by the extender. Table 10.1 lists each property and the value assigned to it in the example.
If you click the button to cause a postback, the trace information will include the additional events indicated in Figure 7-4, including ProcessPostData Second Try, ChangedEvents, and PostBackEvent. Often when you re trying to track down why your page is behaving a certain way or why some of your code does not seem to work as you would expect, looking at the life cycle behavior can be very illuminating.
public class MyData : DataService<AdventureWorksLT2008Entities>
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