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Creating mapping definitions
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Background information about Core Data
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We covered the <xmlproperty> task in chapter 3, but it deserves mention here as well. If you have XML data files that contain values needed in your build process, the <xmlproperty> task may be able to help. It has some notable issues, however: it does not perform local DTD resolution and it only provides access to the first element or attribute value if there are duplicate names. An example data file:
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WHY A MIDLET SUITE Nothing in the requirements of the tutorial application necessitates
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that the notification was confirmed. This is accomplished with a call to the confirm method of the JsResult parameter named result F. Finally you return a Boolean true G to indicate that this overridden method has processed the event.
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The first step in putting together a request is to create an instance of the Sys.Net.WebRequest object. Then, you set the url property of the request to the file on the server. Next, you add an event handler for when the request completes by calling the add_completed function and passing in the name of the routine. The final statement in listing 5.12 is a call to the invoke method, which is responsible for issuing the asynchronous request.
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NOTE registerDirectories() is an expensive method if you have a lot of fonts on your system. Don t use it in a servlet because it takes time to scan the font directories; it s better to use it when the JVM starts up, so that you can use the font factory throughout your web application.
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close (optional) removeFirstPrepend (optional)
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The role of the server
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javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome; javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject; javax.ejb.EJBObject; javax.ejb.SessionContext; javax.ejb.TimerService; javax.interceptor.InvocationContext; javax.transaction.UserTransaction; javax.xml.rpc.handler.MessageContext;
abstract class IElement { // Added to make the elements Visitor-ready public abstract void Accept(IVisitor visitor); }
die usage() unless (@ARGV >= 3); my ($wm_file, $in_file, $out_file) = @ARGV; my $watermark = Image::Magick->new(); $rc = $watermark->Read($wm_file); die $rc if $rc; my $image = Image::Magick->new(); $rc = $image->Read($in_file); die $rc if $rc;
Once you click the Create Database button, you ll be prompted to provide a database name and choose the size limit for the database. Your options for a size limit are currently 1 GB and 10 GB. The reasons for these sizes will be discussed later in this chapter. For this example, we created a database called AzureInAction, with a size of 1 GB. Once you have created your database, you can retrieve the connection string to that
Output from Stylesheet 2
In this chapter you ve learned how to apply Ajax in different ways: using partial
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