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You should have an overall sense of how the UpdatePanel is used. The examples you ve worked through so far demonstrated the simplest cases for each property and method the UpdatePanel offers. Now that you ve established this foundation, let s have some fun by putting together something a little more useful: a GridView that you can sort, page, and filter without normal postbacks (page refreshes).
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User interfaces
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Page content and structure
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In a JPA XML descriptor, this mapping looks as follows:
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Somewhat ironically, a task you ll find yourself performing time and again in an MDB is sending JMS messages. As a simple example, suppose that we have an incomplete shipping request and we need to communicate that to ActionBazaar from ShippingRequestProcessorMDB. The easiest way to handle this notification is via JMS messages sent to an error queue that ActionBazaar listens to. Fortunately, you ve already seen how to send a JMS message in listing 4.1. This task is even simpler and more robust in MDBs. We can inject the queue named jms/ShippingErrorQueue and the connection factory named jms/QueueConnectionFactory by using the @Resource annotation:
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Fortunately, WebKit has changed the game thanks to its impressive rendering capabilities and its envelope-pushing feature set. You can expect the WebKit engine to render any web page on a par with your desktop browser. This means that virtually the entire web is open and accessible to an Android user! The pages of your favorite website will render on your Android device s browser, though you ll likely need to scroll the page due to the small screen dimensions, and certain navigation systems that rely on hovering aren t accessible. Despite these drawbacks, the capabilities of WebKit open the broad range of the web to mobile users. In this chapter we demonstrate how to scale your web applications to accommodate for smaller browser windows in a manner that retains desktop browsing compatibility, all without the necessity of creating and managing multiple sites. WebKit powers the browser on the Android device, but it s also available as an embedded control or widget, permitting SDK-based applications to render HTML directly within a compiled application. This embeddable browser control is highly customizable and thereby empowers the Android developer to exercise a tremendous amount of control over the user experience. Web programming for Android is a broad and versatile topic. In the next section we examine the approaches to using web technologies for Android application development.
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Public Declare Function TalkToBadGuy Lib "evil.dll" ( _ ByVal message As String) As String
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11.2 Using the DAO pattern with other data sources
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This project comprises a library for developing thin client application front-ends using a browser. It helps developers to create GUI application interfaces for Internet, intranet, and extranet applications. x-Desktop features include the fact that it is browser based and that no plug-ins are required. It supports all operating systems that provide a DOM 2/JavaScript capable browser; offers a simple, well-documented object interface; and provides a customizable desktop and window skins.
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public class Location implements Serializable{ private Map addresses = new LinkedHashMap(); /** * table="addresses" * @hibernate.collection-key column="location_id" * @hibernate.collection-index column="address_type" type="string" * @hibernate.collection-composite-element * class="com.manning.hq.apdxA.Address" */ public Map getAddresses() { return addresses; } public void setAddresses(Map addresses) { this.addresses = addresses; } }
Modularizing the read-write lock pattern
while ((ch = > 0 ) { if (((char) ch) == marker) { char[] end = new char[readLength];,0,readLength); quotePage.append(new String(end)); break; } }
To get started with the solution accelerator, you just need to download the code and follow the instructions to build the solution. Although we won t go through the downloaded sample, let s take a peek at how you store and retrieve data using the accelerator.
An XML Schema is similar in purpose to a Document Type Definition (DTD), which validates the structure of an XML document. To illustrate some of the basic concepts of XML Schema, let s start with an XML document with address information:
@Field marks a property as indexed.
Test Resources
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