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Figure 7.9 Adding a dashed border helps users understand which web part is being edited.
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One performance-boosting variation of references is to include some state information in the message, along with the reference. For example, in addition to the document reference, the message could also include the current state of the document. For instance, states might include: NEW, REVISED, or APPROVED. The presence of the state in the message allows consumers to make a decision about whether loading the document is necessary. Consequently, only consumers that actually need the document will access the shared file system, reducing the potential for delayed blocking. State can be added to a message in a variety of ways. Putting state in the payload is one way, although the consumer will bear the burden of filtering. In section 6.12, we ll discuss how to use message selectors. Message selectors tell the JMS server how to filter messages before delivering them to consumers. The filtering is based on the contents of each message s headers and properties.
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10: Arrays |
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1: C# and .NET Programming
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When Seam starts up, it configures the class ManagedPersistenceContext as a Seam component. This is like putting Seam annotations onto that class (there are also annotations on this Seam-bundled class). The name of the component is caveatEmptorEM, and it implements the EntityManager interface. Whenever you now need an EntityManager, let Seam inject the caveatEmptorEM. (The ManagedPersistenceContext class needs to know how to get a real EntityManager, so you have to provide the name of the EntityManagerFactory in JNDI. How you get the EntityManagerFactory into JDNI depends on your Java Persistence provider. In Hibernate, you can configure this binding with in persistence.xml.) Modify the RegisterBean again, and use the Seam persistence context:
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catch (DivideByZeroException e) { Console.WriteLine("\nDivideByZeroException! Msg: {0}", e.Message); Console.WriteLine("\nHelpLink: {0}", e.HelpLink);
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You can use an XML configuration file (as demonstrated in listing 2.6) to fully configure a SessionFactory. Unlike, which contains only configuration parameters, the hibernate.cfg.xml file may also specify the location of mapping documents. Many users prefer to centralize the configuration of Hibernate in this way instead of adding parameters to the Configuration in application code.
Finds the topic and builds a publisher
Hibernating with XDoclet
You need to build the Lucene query to match your needs. While this step requires you to interact with the Lucene query API (either the query parser or the programmatic query APIs), this isn t a problem in practice. You need to be aware of the Lucene features you want to use, such as fuzzy search, boost factors, and so on. Because Hibernate Search defines Lucene fields with the same name as their respective object properties by default, understanding a query and its target is fairly easy. The query title:hibernate description:search author.firstname:emmanuel targeting book objects is fairly straightforward to understand when you re familiar with the object model. If you need to refresh your memory on how to map properties into fields, look at chapter 3. 7 explains in great detail how to build the Lucene query. Once the query is built, you need to execute it. If you don t use Hibernate Search, you have to follow these steps:
In the table per concrete class strategy, a database table is defined for each concrete class in the hierarchy. Each table has columns representing its properties and all properties of any superclasses:
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Storing and retrieving data
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