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The javaType attribute is used to explicitly specify the Java property type of the parameter to be set. Normally this can be derived from a JavaBean property through reflection, but certain mappings such as Map and XML mappings cannot provide the type to the framework. In those cases, if the javaType is not set and the framework cannot otherwise determine the type, the type is assumed to be Object.
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Term clazzTerm = new Term( DocumentBuilder.CLASS_FIELDNAME, Item.class.getName() ); if ( reader.docFreq( clazzTerm ) == 0 ) { No need //index does not contain Item objects to filter //no-op } else { //for each item out of stock, find the //corresponding document id by item id //and switch off the corresponding bit for ( String ean : action.getEanOfItemsOutOfStock() ) { Term term = new Term( "ean", ean ); Invoke external service TermDocs termDocs =
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persisting two objects. Building a SessionFactory is a reasonably expensive operation, so you generally don t want to do it too often. Usually it s constructed once when the application starts up. While you have the success message, you should actually take a look at the database and see what you have. Go ahead and open a new command window and start up the MySQL console. Listing 4.10 shows how you check the database to see the new entries. Listing 4.10 Inspecting the contents of the database
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[OutputCache(Duration=100, VaryByParam = "*")] public ActionResult CurrentTime() { var now = DateTime.Now; ViewData["time"] = now.ToLongTimeString(); return View(); }
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constants. We re going to cover the basics that you ll need to access the database
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If the classes compiled successfully, preverify them using the following command. This command preverifies all classes in the .\build directory (the directory where we just compiled the code) and places the preverified version of the classes into an \output directory off of the current directory.
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Selecting states or trigger actions with button fields
@Override public void onCreate() { synchronized (syncAdapterLock) { if (syncAdapter == null) { syncAdapter = new SyncAdapter(getApplicationContext(), true); } } } @Override public IBinder onBind(Intent intent) { return syncAdapter.getSyncAdapterBinder(); } }
Software is organic. Much like carbon-based life forms, software grows and evolves. Features die. New features are born. Release numbers keep adding up like the rings of a healthy tree. EJB is no exception to the rule of software evolution. In fact, as far as technologies go, the saga of EJB is more about change than it is about stagnation. Only a handful of other technologies can boast the robust metamorphosis and continuous improvements EJB has pulled off. It s time to catch a glimpse of the new incarnation of EJB, starting with an example of a simple stateless session bean and then revealing the features changes that make EJB an easy-to-use development tool. To explore the new features of EJB 3, we ll be pointing out some of the problems associated with EJB 2. If you are not familiar with EJB 2, don t worry the important thing to remember is how the problems have been resolved in EJB 3. The problems associated with EJB 2 have been widely discussed. In fact, there have been entire books, such as Bitter EJB (Manning Publications, 2003) written about this topic. Chris Richardson in POJOs in Action rightfully identified the amount of sheer code you had to write to build an EJB:
PdfCopy copy = new PdfCopy( Step 2 document, new FileOutputStream(RESULT2));; Step 3 for (int i = 0; i < n;) { copy.addPage(copy.getImportedPage(reader, ++i)); Step 4 } document.close(); Step 5 }
The code listing shows a WebPartZone with some declarative elements that control certain style elements. Also declared within the WebPartZone is the ZoneTemplate section; it s within the zone template that the EmployeeDetails web part is declared and will inherit the styles that we see declared within the WebPartZone definition.
As a general-purpose development language, Visual Basic includes gobs of features that allow you to develop just about any type of application supported by the Microsoft Windows platform. As such, all of its features could never be covered in a concise, 20- or 30-page chapter, and I won t try. What I will do in this chapter is to introduce you to the basics of the language, and its core features. Features not covered in this chapter are discussed throughout the rest of the book. It has to be that way, since I don t want you to finish this chapter and then say to yourself, That Tim Patrick is so amazing. I learned all I needed to know about Visual Basic in one chapter; I didn t even have to read the rest of the book. My publisher would not be amused. In the remainder of this chapter, I will take the from the inside out approach, starting the discussion with the core concepts of logic and data, and adding layer after layer of Visual Basic functionality as you turn the pages.
font-size: 16px; } .programmed{ color: blue; font-family: helvetica; font-weight: bold; font-size: 10px; }
Dim worldsMostBoringString As String = ""
9.6 Creating an entity bean unit test
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