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We pass in the original filename and the new name, and Windows moves the file for us. In this example, there is no advantage and actually a considerable disadvantage to using P/Invoke. (Situations where you truly need P/Invoke are increasingly rare and obscure. To illustrate the mechanisms, we ve picked an example that s simple enough not to obscure the details of how P/Invoke works, but this means it s not a scenario in which you d use P/Invoke in practice.) You have left the world of managed code, and the result is that you ve abandoned type safety and your code will no longer run in
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Listing 22.4 Passing the contents of the feed to the view
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<delete defaultexcludes="false" failonerror="false" > <fileset dir="${src.dir}" includes="*.~"/> </delete>
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The following example demonstrates setting the operation name for a Java method:
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The use of deployment descriptors is actually a strength of EJB. All deployment details are neatly separated in a separate XML configuration file. You might argue that the deployment details are growing too complex, but in general, the flexibility here outweighs the complexity. And, again, the creation of the deployment descriptor can be automated. Okay, now we re done. Take a moment and review all the code. Keep in mind that our simple problem persist and retrieve simple kayak objects caused us to write all this code. You ll likely be generating some of this code, but that fact alone will not isolate you from the complexity. You ll continue to see the files as you build, debug, or step outside the traditional EJB box, as sometimes you must. Yet without looking from a different vantage point, you ll find seeing and appreciating the existing alternatives can be difficult. Indeed, sometimes we get so headsdown in a technology that we can t look past traditional approaches. So, let s pop our heads up and take a look around at useful alternatives.
Example: a banking system with persistence
When it comes to employing web technologies in an Android application, you have to examine a few distinct categories of application architecture. Let s look at the pillars of Android web technologies. The first and most basic intersection of web technologies and Android application development involves the standalone browser. The Android browser is a capable HTML and CSS rendering engine, and it also implements a JavaScript engine. The JavaScript engine is capable of running sophisticated JavaScript, including Ajax, and supports popular scripting libraries such as JQuery and Prototype. As such, the browser itself is capable of running rich internet applications. The browser can be a good augmentation to an SDK-based application. Let s say you ve released a software application for distribution. As part of your application you d like to register users or perhaps provide access to a list of FAQs. It doesn t make sense to ship all that content with your application because it ll both take up space unnecessarily and will likely be out of date by the time the application is installed on a client device. Likewise, why should you implement data-collection functionality directly in your application if it can be more readily accomplished on your website In this case, it d be more appropriate to have the application launch the browser, taking the user to the website, where you can readily maintain your list of FAQs and your registration form. As you ve learned, an Android application launches the browser through the use of an Intent and the startActivity() method of the Context class. A variant of this model is embedding the browser control directly into an Activity s UI. In this scenario, the browser control is defined in a layout file and
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