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Over the previous three chapters, we ve talked about some great libraries that you can use to create iPhone web apps, and in this chapter we introduced the Dashcode development environment. Since these are somewhat orthogonal directions of iPhone development, we want to briefly touch upon how they can be used together. We re going to cover each of the iPhone-related libraries in turn: WebKit, iUI, and Canvas.
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Figure 5.11 A custom tab on the TeamCity build-report page, containing an artifact text file with a list of MSBuild variables
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The INNER JOIN syntax parallels the SQL language much better and is more intuitive for developers coming from the relational world.
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Table 1.1 Major EJB 3 component services and why they are important to you. The persistence services are provided by the JPA provider. Service Integration Applies To Session beans and MDBs Stateless session beans, MDBs What It Means for You Helps glue together components, ideally through simple configuration instead of code. In EJB 3, this is done through dependency injection (DI) as well as lookup. For each EJB component, the EJB platform creates a pool of component instances that are shared by clients. At any point in time, each pooled instance is only allowed to be used by a single client. As soon as an instance is finished servicing a client, it is returned to the pool for reuse instead of being frivolously discarded for the garbage collector to reclaim. EJB makes all components thread-safe and highly performant in ways that are completely invisible. This means that you can write your server components as if you were developing a single-threaded desktop application. It doesn t matter how complex the component itself is; EJB will make sure it is thread-safe. The EJB container manages state transparently for stateful components instead of having you write verbose and error-prone code for state management. This means that you can maintain state in instance variables as if you were developing a desktop application. EJB takes care of all the details of session maintenance behind the scenes. EJB 3 allows you to write messaging-aware components without having to deal with a lot of the mechanical details of the Java Messaging Service (JMS) API. EJB supports declarative transaction management that helps you add transactional behavior to components using simple configuration instead of code. In effect, you can designate any component method to be transactional. If the method completes normally, EJB commits the transaction and makes the data changes made by the method permanent. Otherwise the transaction is rolled back. EJB supports integration with the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) API, so it is very easy to completely externalize security and secure an application using simple configuration instead of cluttering up your application with security code. EJB 3 introduces AOP in a very lightweight, accessible manner using interceptors. This allows you to easily separate out crosscutting concerns such as logging, auditing, and so on in a configurable way. In EJB 3, you can make components remotely accessible without writing any code. In addition, EJB 3 enables client code to access remote components as if they were local components using DI. continued on next page
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Table 10.3 Creator ID CATT converted to hex. C Hex 0x43 A 0x41 T 0x54 T 0x54
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public Item undoItemChanges(Item item) { entityManager.refresh(entityManager.merge(item)); return item; Refreshes entity }
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The role of the server
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A deep definition of JDBC is beyond the scope of this book, but we will cover it from a high level to provide a foundation for the rest of the book. Sun s JDBC API is the standard for database connectivity for the Java programming language. JDBC is one part of the Java technology that allows you to realize the write once, run anywhere promise, because all database interaction uses JDBC to access data.
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Caching is immensely important in today s web applications. A website of significant size or traffic can drastically reduce the amount of database access by effective use of caching. With ASP.NET we can also cache rendered HTML, which saves CPU resources on the server. Done properly, it s one of the best tools for coping with severe loads. Done poorly, your efforts will be detrimental to your website s performance. 2d pdf417
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package ejb3inaction.example.buslogic; import javax.ejb.EJB;
Building business logic with session beans
This completes our first example with managed EJB components and integrated JPA. You can probably already see how automatic transaction demarcation and EntityManager injection can improve the readability of your code. Later, we ll show you how stateful session beans can help you implement sophisticated conversations between the user and the application, with transactional semantics. Furthermore, the EJB components don t contain any unnecessary glue code or infrastructure methods, and they re fully reusable, portable, and executable in any EJB 3.0 container.
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Glob mapper The glob mapper uses both the to and from attributes, each allowing a single asterisk (*) pattern. The text matched by the pattern in the from attribute is substituted into the to pattern.
# Configuration file Item.sharding_strategy.nbr_of_shards 3 Item.0.indexName Item-Universal Functional sharding
584 | 21: Reporting
classpath dest package src <classpath> Classpath to be used for this compilation. [Path] Directory containing the source JSPs. [File] Package under which the compiled classes go. [String] Directory containing the source JSPs. [File] Adds a path to the classpath. [Path]
If you specify a version other than 3.0 (e.g., 2.1), then the EJB container will assume the EJB module is an older version and won t scan for annotations. This means it won t detect EJB 3 beans, or detect the persistence unit containing entities packaged in the EJB module. Make sure that version is either set to 3.0 or not specified at all.
IsNumber (you might wonder whether there was a difference between this and IsDigit ) IsSeparator, IsControl IsHighSurrogate, IsLowSurrogate
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