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Before .NET, developing applications for the Web was cumbersome and boring. And with good reason: the World Wide Web was not designed as a programming or logic-processing platform. It was originally all about sending specially formatted text files from one computer to another. No programming languages to learn, no custom logic; just plain text, and maybe a binary graphics image or two. Early web browsers were really just glorified file-copy programs. When you started up the Mosaic browser (pretty much all there was back then) and requested a web page from another computer, here is what would happen:
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Alice s account Balance
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For your convenience (in case you are away from your computer) the complete source code is shown below. The OrderForm markup is shown in Example 2-3. The code behind file is shown directly after in Example 2-4. Note that although this first example is set up to use AJAX, it does not actually contain any AJAX controls except for the ScriptManager that is added by the IDE; we ll add AJAX starting in the next chapter.
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packaging application 389 EJB 2.x and EJB 3 501 sessionbeans and MDB 400 packaging standard 389 PAR. See persistence archive parameter 349 binding 469 named 350 positional 349 pass-by-value 590 passivation 74, 80, 93, 100 password 202 pattern design 9 PeopleSoft 182 performance concerns 456 consideration 484 tuning 463 464 tuning of EJB 3 Component 483 488 @PermitAll 209 210 persist cascade 317 entity relation 316 method 66, 304, 314 319 Persistence 312 persistence archive 391 persistence context 301 303 extended 438, 479 Also see PersistenceContext extended scope 301 transaction scoped 301 using it in caching entity 480 persistence engine. See persistence provider persistence module 391 without persistence.xml 411 persistence operation propagate 318 persistence provider 15, 20, 231, 299, 353, 388, 414, 452, 462 persistence unit 305, 452 ActionBazaar 306 defined at the EAR level 413 local 413
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I also set its BackgroundColor property to Black, its Color property to White, and its Font property to Normal, Arial, 12pt, Bold just for looks. Running the report gives the results in Figure 21-11. Notice the document map along the left edge of the window, and the grouped single-letter titles before each grouped section.
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<class name="User" table="USERS"> <id name="id" column="USER_ID">...</id> <property name="customerNr" column="CUSTOMER_NR" unique="true"/> <set name="itemsForAuction" inverse="true"> <key column="SELLER_NR property-ref="customerNr"/> <one-to-many class="Item"/> </set> </class>
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application. Therefore, the OrderRequest message is persistent. Additionally, if the legacy order fulfillment application itself fails, or is taken offline for maintenance, we must guarantee that any messages it misses will be delivered once it has recovered. Therefore, its subscription must be durable. We don t have to do anything special for durability in this case. Messages sent to a queue are implicitly durable; they ll be waiting when the consumer comes back online. At the end of the day, we re willing to incur the overhead of persistence and durable subscriptions in exchange for peace of mind. Conversely, we may be willing to tolerate the loss of an OrderStatus message, a temporal message reflecting an order s state at a given instant. If a subscriber misses an OrderStatus message, the worst-case scenario is that the subscriber must check the order status in the order database. The inconvenience of missing a message just doesn t warrant the cost of burdening the JMS server with the tasks of storing each message, then deleting the message later once all interested subscribers have successfully acknowledged it. And remember, because we can easily bolt on more reliability later, if necessary, we ll do best by starting simple.
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With applications there s no way to anticipate what a user will enter as the text of a query. Toward the end of section 7.1.1 we discussed the problem with the (dash) character being misinterpreted as a Boolean NOT operator. You cannot expect the users of your application to know and understand that they will have to escape dashes with a backslash (that just won t happen). Well, surprise, it is not just the character you will have to consider escaping. Lucene uses several special characters to go about normal everyday tasks, and, as we ve shown in section 7.1.1, these could be misinterpreted if they were used as is in queries. Table 7.2 shows a list of those characters. How can we escape these special characters in our application when we have no control over how users enter their query strings Listing 7.6 is one example of how to accomplish this. Feel free to use this code as you see fit in your applications. If you re running a Java version earlier than 1.5, the QueryParser class supplies a method that accomplishes the same results: public static String escape(String s).
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Scaling web roles
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It is possible, however, to accomplish this, though rarely, if ever, would this particular technique be needed in a build file. Make has a feature called computed variable names, which is similar to our first attempts at dereferencing, yet with different results. (In other words, A would have equaled Z.) Using an additional property is required as a selector:
int icon = R.drawable.icon_from_resources; CharSequence tickerText = "Hello Android"; long when = System.currentTimeMillis(); CharSequence contentTitle = "New Message"; CharSequence contentText = "Hello Android how are you "; Intent notificationIntent = new Intent(); // new intent PendingIntent contentIntent = PendingIntent.getActivity(context, 0, notificationIntent, 0);
Delegates Under the Hood
Declaring Static Methods
myVariable = 5 + 7 * 3;
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