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Listing 7.3 Our improved test client makes a single round-trip to the EJB container
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We can also define it more concisely like this:
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Every value outside the image is a constant, most frequently zero or some average value. The edge values of the picture extend infinitely. Any virtual pixel outside the image is assigned the same value as the pixel at the edge closest to it. The image is extended periodically or tiled. The values wrap around the edges of the image. The image is mirrored at its boundaries.
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Developing in the EJB architecture
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INSERT SNIPPET Insert 12, Snippet Item 6.
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Worker role Web role
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Without that line, the panel stays at its initial value of Visible = False. Once you insert that line, the application runs properly.
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I started using Visual Basic back when version 2.0 of the product was still in vogue. As a result, I picked up some pre-.NET coding habits that have been hard to break, even with my full-time focus on .NET code. I ve reached a level of comfort in my Visual Basic coding, and that comfort shows in my .NET programming style. As I mentioned in earlier chapters, many of the features that previously existed in Visual Basic before .NET were moved out of the language and into Framework classes. The most noticeable of these were the mathematics features now found in the System.Math class. But there were other non-math Visual Basic language keywords that also became class methods. Many of these appear in the Microsoft. VisualBasic namespace, including methods such as Left, Trim, and MsgBox.
After we have the input element populated, we need to click the Save button with our Save method, as shown in listing 20.13.
int[] numbers = { 4, 1, 2, 5, 3 }; Array.Sort(numbers);
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