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In this example, inline code is used to display the current time. An ASP.NET Button control is declared to demonstrate what happens when a postback occurs. The Button control, by default, raises a postback when it s clicked. Because this control is placed in the ContentTemplate tag, it can be considered a child control of the UpdatePanel. When this example is executed and the button is clicked, the time displayed on the page is updated without a page refresh. Running the example produces the output shown in figure 6.3.
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AM Test main AM Inventory addItem AM Inventory addItem AM Inventory addItem AM ShoppingCartOperator addShoppingCartItem AM Inventory removeItem AM ShoppingCart addItem AM ShoppingCartOperator addShoppingCartItem AM Inventory removeItem AM ShoppingCart addItem
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Obviously this address data could be normalized in a better way. For example, we could have related tables for COUNTRY, STATE and CITY, and ZIP. But this is a simple and effective design that works for a lot of applications. Unless your requirements are complex, this is unlikely to be a problematic design. If we were to take this data and arrange it in a skinny table design, it would look like table 1.3.
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public approveAuction(Item item, User admin) throws BusinessException { item.approve(admin); new ItemDAO().saveOrUpdate(item); }
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This list of questions is not exhaustive. Both authors have used Lucene extensively in their applications and like the flexibility and performance it provides. They also think that the way to implement the best search engine focused on your business needs is to use the library approach. They also were ready to pay the price of flexibility and dig more into the code. This is the approach described in this book. Hibernate Search
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Table A.4
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Figure 12.1 Draggable items and drop targets communicate with the DragDropManager to participate in a drag-and-drop operation.
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public static String initWindow(PortalWindow window) { StringBuffer jsBuf=new StringBuffer() .append("CreateWindow(new NewWin('") .append(window.getId()) .append("',") .append(window.getXPos()) .append(",") .append(window.getYPos()) .append(",") .append(window.getWidth()) .append(",") .append(window.getHeight()) .append(",'") .append(window.getUrl()) .append("','") .append(window.getTitle()) .append("'));\n"); return jsBuf.toString(); }
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StandardFilterKey key = new StandardFilterKey(); key.addParameter( distributor ); Parameters are return key; available }
We touched on cascades and how they relate to child objects in chapter 3. Since cascades impact collections, we ll take a closer look in this section. Suppose you create a new object, like our Event object, and add Speakers to it:
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