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Scaling web roles
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Figure 13.5 PhotoDraw can place drawings on pictures.
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: execution(* Account.get*(..)) || execution(* Account.toString(..)); public pointcut writeOperations() : execution(* Account.*(..)) && !readOperations(); }
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hbm2doc 95 hbm2hbmxml 89 hbm2java 92 hbmtemplate 95 helper annotation, writing 788 helper classes 21 Hibernate Annotations 33 cache architecture 597 compare to JPA 516, 558, 613, 662, 696 Console view 633 Core 32 enabling second-level cache 815 EntityManager 33 and Hibernate Validator 790 parameter binding 620 and standards 31 startup 49 support for arrays 243 Tools 39 Hibernate Annotations 33, 68 Hibernate Validator module 790 Hibernate EntityManager 33, 72 and Hibernate Validator 790 Hibernate Query Language (HQL). See HQL Hibernate Session propogating 477 Hibernate Tools 633 for Ant 39 for Eclipse IDE 39 Hibernate Validator 790 @Length 798 @Pattern 798 built-in validation annotations 798 enabling for a single field 794 enabling for all child tags 794 input validation 806 using resource bundle keys 801 hibernate.archive.autodetection 77 hibernate.cache.region_ prefix 604 hibernate.cache.use_minimal_ puts 610 hibernate.cache.use_second_ level_cache 611
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The TranslateTransition is all about movement. It has a host of different configuration options that allow us to move a node from a given point, to a given point, or by a given distance. In our example we re moving the entire thumbnail group downward by the height of the thumbnail bar, which (one assumes) would have the effect of sending the thumbnails off the bottom of the screen. When the transition is over, we have the opportunity to run some code. That s the purpose of the action function type. When this code runs, we know the thumbnails will be off screen, so we unassign them to get rid of the current images. Then we move the group we just animated back to its starting position, by resetting translateY (note: translateY, not layoutY, because TranslateTransition doesn t change its target node s layout position). And finally, we ask the web service to load a fresh page of thumbnails. This call will return immediately, as the web service interaction is carried out on another thread. In listing 8.9 we saw that the web service invokes assignThumbs() when its data has successfully loaded, so the images we just deleted with unassignThumbs() should start to be repopulated once the web service code is finished. The call to play(), in case you haven t realized, fires the transition into action.
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Figure 8-3. A simple ListBox with three different items
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The window in figure 8.7 indicates that you need to perform two actions: Add a new CNAME for the GUID (fb160. . .) that points to verify.windowsazure. com. Add a new CNAME for the subdomain ( that points to your BLOB storage account ( Whichever company you used to register your domain probably manages the DNS for your domain name. Using their web control panel, you should be able to create the subdomain using a CNAME. Figure 8.8 shows the CNAMEs for in the GoDaddy Domain Manager. If you manage your own DNS server, you already know how to set up a CNAME; if not, your system administrator will certainly be able to (although he might not be very pleased that you re looking to replace him with an automated system). After you ve set up your CNAMEs, return to the Windows Azure portal a little later to validate the domain (click the Validate button shown in figure 8.7). As soon as the domain has been validated, you ll be able to use your custom domain name. Why do you need to come back later Funnily enough, this is all to do with replication. After you ve updated the DNS details on the server that s responsible for maintaining your domain records, this update needs to be replicated to all the other DNS servers in the world. This replication delay is the reason that you ll have to come back later (usually 10 minutes to an hour); it ll take a little time for the Windows Azure DNS servers to receive that update. Perhaps the world s DNS servers should use Windows Azure instead. OK, you ve got your custom domains set up and you understand containers; let s look at how you can use them to store BLOBs.
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Home interface (session beans)
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EventQueue.invokeLater() 198, 289 asynchronous operations, example of 295 exception, and 311 Swing thread safety, example of 293 worker object, and 247 EventQueue.isDispatchThread() 199, 300 exception handler join point 48 pointcut syntax 74 exception introduction pattern 260 269 chained exception 265 checked exception 260 wrapping of 265 current solution 261 declare soft, vs. 267, 335 distinguishing concern specific exception 267 exception call stack understandability 266 generic aspects 267 getCause() 269 initCause() 265 need to capture all exception types, example of 372 pattern template 265 preserving exception type 265 preserving exception specification 268 propagating concern-specific exception 265 propagating exception 265 read-write lock pattern, use of 320 runtime exception, use of 265 SoftException 267 propagating business-specific exception 267 summarily captured exception, dealing with 268 Swing thread safety, example of 312 transaction management, example of 377 unchecked exception, issue 265
Listing 10.2 Build file segment showing how to increment build numbers and perform a date operation
Making asynchronous network calls
Mapping class inheritance
' ----- Create a fake table of fake records. Dim fakeSource As New Collections.Generic.List( _ Of FakeActivityRecord) ' ----- Add each of the fake records. fakeSource.Add(New FakeActivityRecord(1, "Do some work")) fakeSource.Add(New FakeActivityRecord(2, "Take a nap")) fakeSource.Add(New FakeActivityRecord(3, "Write a program"))
Notice that the endpoint also has a bindingConfiguration attribute this refers to a <binding> element earlier in the file that contains information on exactly how the wsHttpBinding should be configured. There was nothing like this in the service, because we were just using the defaults. But the Add Service Reference dialog always generates a binding configuration entry, even if you happen to be using the defaults. Our chat application is demonstrating the ability for the client to send a note to the server, but it s not complete yet. The client needs a couple of extra features. To make our conversation a bit less one-sided, we should be able to see notes written by other people. And unless our conversations are all going to be exceptionally brief, we need to be able to type in more than just one note. We ll fix that second problem by modifying the code in Example 13-5. We ll put the call to the proxy inside a loop, and we ll also ask for the user s name, so we can support notes from people who may not be called Ian (see Example 13-7).
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