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Using the <ww:url /> and <ww:param /> tags, calendar-ww.jsp creates the links for forward and backward navigation to scroll back and forth between the months. The only tricky thing you might not understand is the syntax. When you see this:
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<Path Fill="Red" Stroke="Black" StrokeThickness="5" Data="M50,0 L100,50 C125,74 75,125 50,100 L0,50 z" />
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sourcefiles sourcepath sourcepathref splitindex stylesheetfile use useexternalfile verbose version windowtitle <bootclasspath> <bottom> <classpath> <doclet> <doctitle> <excludepackage> <fileset> <footer> <group> <header> <link> <package> <packageset> <source> <sourcepath> <tag> <taglet>
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Figure 8-2. Chain of Responsibility pattern UML diagram
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An alternative technique to the approximation problem, besides using a fuzzy query or n-grams as discussed in the previous section, is to use a phonetic approach. Despite the widespread reliance on the internet, text messaging, and other text media, we still live in a world where oral communication is an important part of our life. A couple of algorithms reduce a word to its phonetic equivalent. When two words are phonetically equivalent (same phonetic reduction), they re likely to be the same word separated by a few typos. Most phonetic algorithms are based on phonetic rules that eliminate nondiscriminant letters and encode the remaining ones. The most elaborate of these algorithms use contextual information before reducing a letter to a sound. Unfortunately, most of them are focused on the English language. When you add Solr analyzers (provided in the Hibernate Search distribution) and Apache Commons Codec (in version 1.3 at the time this book was written; available at to your class path, Hibernate Search provides access to four algorithms:
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Maps with component keys and entity values (one-to-many or many-to-many) Maps with entity keys and component values Maps with entity keys and simple values Maps with simple keys and simple values
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Register load and unload events
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Directory provider implementation. While you can use a different implementation in unconventional scenarios, FSSlaveDirectoryProvider is the recommended provider.
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The next example will demonstrate both a normal postback and an AJAX asynchronous (partial) post-back with two labels: one will update every time the full page updates; the other will update asynchronously. To start, create a new web site named Postbacks. If necessary, refer back to Figure 1-2, and create the new web site just as you did in the HelloWorld example, but this time select the ASP.NET AJAX-Enabled Web Site template instead of ASP. NET Web Site. Be sure to name the web site folder Postbacks, to give that name to the site. When the project is open, switch to Design view by clicking on the Design tab at the bottom of the editing surface. Because you chose the AJAX-Enabled Web Site template, you ll notice that the IDE inserted a ScriptManager control onto your page. We ll discuss the ScriptManager in detail in 3, but be assured that it will not be visible when your application is running; its job is to work behind the scenes to coordinate the AJAX controls on the page. Press the Enter key once to move the cursor below the ScriptManager control, then type in the text:
Message Descriptions <message> elements
Listing 2.10 Using a callback handler
Exploring EJB security
JavaScript execution speed
Address Book UI
Most UI elements such as TextView widgets and Buttons display textual values. If those textual values vary in length from one language to the next which they can and often do it may be prudent to provide a locale-specific layout file in some instances. The idea here is to be intentional about your application s visual appearance rather than letting the user have a nondeterministic experience. Recall that many UI elements specify a width value wrap_content. This may not result in a visually appealing layout at runtime. If a particular string is going to distort the UI of your application, find out ahead of time and rearrange your widgets within a locale-specific layout as required. In addition to your resources, you need to consider the data values your application uses, such as date and time, numbers, and currency. This is the topic of the next section.
This line creates a ViewState dictionary object if it does not already exist, creates a key in the dictionary called Counter, and associates the value of 1 with Counter. When you click the Increment Counter button, the page posts back, which means that the Load event is raised, and the method is called again. The Counter item already exists in the dictionary, so its value is increased by 1. Note that if the page had a dozen buttons, clicking any of them would increment the counter, since all it takes is a postback to run the code in Page_Load.
Indexing: where, how, what, and when
Set some defaults
Making FitNesse play in your CI environment can be a little tricky because it involves someone from outside the team; in addition, integrating the test result with your CI feedback mechanism requires some extra work. The best way to deal with the first issue is to install FitNesse on a machine that s available for the domain expert (keep the security issues in mind). You can do this exactly the same way you install Selenium RC server. FitNesse runs as a service; you ll have to tell the customer to direct their browser to a given URL. The CI server will use this FitNesse installation to perform the tests remotely. In order to do this, you use the standalone test runner, TestRunner.exe, from FitNesse.NET. You can use it against an external test page. The following listing shows the MSBuild script that performs a test run. Listing 7.11 MSBuild using TestRunner to perform an acceptance test
org.hibernate.cacheMode CacheMode.REFRESH
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