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It s important to document everything as you go through the entire project, especially in the early design stages. Not only will this help you recall essential aspects of the project later during the development phase, but it will also help you keep all involved parties informed about the status of the project. Imagine this conversation with your boss:
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As illustrated by the output, the resulting program s behavior is unchanged from the original program that did not include any aspects. We now have a mechanism for routing the direct calls through worker objects that requires writing only a few lines of code. You can extend this mechanism to storing other context information as well, as you ll see in chapter 11.
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Then add these statements to the end of the method.
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You re developing in Java, so you can use the keytool application that comes with the JDK. Let s use the -genkey option to create a key store for somebody called Bruno Specimen:
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It s not much to look at, but it will get better. So far, we haven t done much more than we could do in Notepad. But now we re ready to add some controls. If you open the toolbox, you ll see controls that look a lot like those found in a Windows Forms application (see Figure 23-4).
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This concludes our discussion of the APIs required to support the portal commands. Now let s look at our portal Ajax handling.
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You can retrieve the value of a field from an existing form with the getField() method. In previous examples, you ve used the setField() method to change this value. Up until now, you ve only used this method with two parameters: fieldname and value. For text fields, it can also make sense to use a third parameter: display. This extra String can be used to create the appearance of the text field. If you want to set the value of a field to "1970-06-10" (because that s the way my birthday is stored in your database of dates to remember), but you want that value to be displayed as "10 Jun 1970" in the form, you can use this line: barcode 128 string
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You can change C# Express hot keys systematically or individually; the ones we refer to here and throughout this book are the standard keys used when programming in C#. Your mileage may vary.
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Upcoming features: CSS gradients and masks
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UNIT TEST FRAMEWORK The last essential tool you need is a unit testing tool. The two most common options are MSTest and NUnit (see figure 1.6), but there are others such as MbUnit and These tools run the unit tests that you write for your application and then generate the results into a text file. The text file can be picked up by your CI server software; a red/green condition for fail/succeed is reported to the team through the feedback mechanism. Although NUnit has a GUI tool, it can also be run as a console application as part of your CI process. Many of the tools we ll discuss in this book have both a GUI and a command-line version. The command-line tools provide results as text or XML files that can be processed by your CI server software; the results are displayed using the feedback mechanism. Now that you know the required tools, let s turn our attention to other tools that will help you write better code: code-analysis tools.
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In the next example, you ll put the page number in the header, and you ll add the total number of pages.
The For...Next loop uses a numeric counter that increments from a starting value to an ending value, processing the code within the loop once for each incremented value.
11.2.3 Writing Hello, World!
Figure 11.1 An overview of our banking example. The DatabaseHelper class is a result of refactoring to avoid duplicated code for creating a connection.
ant -Dcustomer=joes_garage
3.5 Fine-grained object models
Instruments Java classes with iContract DBC preprocessor.
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Developing classes
So, who s listening If you are running the program within Visual Studio, Visual Basic always configures a log listener that displays the text in the Immediate Window panel. But that doesn t do much good in a compiled and deployed application. You can design your own log listeners, but .NET also includes several predefined listeners, all of which can be enabled and configured through the application s app.config file. If you access the After version of 14 s project, you will find content in its app.config file that sets up one such listener. Here s a portion of that file, showing just the relevant sections:
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