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<list name="images" table="ITEM_IMAGE"> <key column="ITEM_ID"/> <list-index column="POSITION"/>
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"username", @Column(name="USERNAME") ), "departmentNr", @Column(name="DEP_NR") )
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A bar chart and a pie chart, as drawn in 3D by the JavaFX 1.2 chart library
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services, such as connection pools, caching services, and transaction managers. It also lets you maintain additional support services by implementing simple interfaces. Individual persistent classes are also highly configurable. Each class may have a different method to generate identifier values, and it s possible to persist complex object hierarchies. You can also customize specific object properties mapping to a SQL type, depending on the data types available in the database. There is much more to configuring persistent classes, as we ll discuss in this chapter.
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Up until now, we ve written simple code so that the test would pass. In doing so, we certainly didn t forget the hard-earned wisdom we gained designing distributed systems over the years. Rather, we made a concerted effort to determine the workability of our design and code first, before speculating on performance. With much pride, we demonstrate the new catalog service to our customer, who is delighted. After kicking the tires a bit, our customer hunkers down at our test machine and proceeds to press the button that lists the snowboard category products over and over again. Our customer likes the fact that the new catalog service is working this soon in the schedule, so now we re ready to start polishing. The customer consensus is that the service just isn t fast enough; we need to improve performance. The average response time of the web page to query and list 25 products is approximately 1.4 seconds. We think we can do better than that with a little tuning, but we need a way to measure success. So we ask our customer group to write
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Earlier, Example 8-15 used a groupby clause to add some structure to a list of events the result was a list containing one group per day, with each group itself containing a list of events. Sometimes it can be useful to go in the opposite direction you may have structured information that you would like to flatten into a single list. You can do this in a query expression by writing multiple from clauses, as Example 8-21 shows.
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When the persistence manager loads an entity that is a subclass or traverses a polymorphic relationship, it does an SQL join on all the tables in the hierarchy. In this mapping, there must be a column in each table that can be used to join each table. In our example, the JOINED_EMPLOYEE, JOINED_CUSTOMER, and JOINED_PERSON tables share the same primary-key values. The annotation mapping is quite simple:
Persisting data to a database
private static void CreateFile(string fullPath, string contents) { File.WriteAllText(fullPath, contents); }
F:\aspectj-book\ch06\section6.4.3\ Please consider using nonpublic access 2 warnings
No discussion involving reflection would be complete without mention of efficiency. Any program that relies on reflection has efficiency overheads because for every operation it first has to determine the type of the objects on which it s working. Quantifying these costs for small programs is difficult; however, the overhead is analogous to that incurred in the implementation of the Visitor pattern presented earlier: Examining the type of the object using the is operator Moving through the classes using dynamic dispatch Both of these defer object binding to runtime in order to increase flexibility.
Bad candidates for second-level caching are
Using WSDL to describe web services For our new web services to be discovered and invoked by new business partners, we must first create a description of each using WSDL. This description provides details about what the web service does, how to invoke it, and where it can be found on the Internet. These WSDL descriptions are then published in one or more web service registries like UDDI.
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