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javax.persistence.PreUpdate Marks a method in the entity or listener class as a preupdate callback (executed before entity data is updated in the database).
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<property environment="env"/> <property name="env.COMPUTERNAME" value="${env.HOSTNAME}"/>
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In the previous chapter we covered the fundamentals of redeveloping an existing web page for use on iPhones. In the process you learned about important concepts like the viewport, and we discussed a lot of what works and what doesn t on Apple s unique mobile platform. We expect, though, that most of you aren t just interested in touching up existing web pages but instead are looking to create totally new programs. Further, after considering the advantages and disadvantages of both web and native development, you ve decided that writing a new program using a web language is the best way to go. We re now ready to enter the world of web apps, a topic that will consume the rest of part 2 of this book. We ve identified three ways to create web apps for the iPhone. Each will take advantage of all your existing web knowledge, but each will also connect you with a specific library or Apple browser add-on that will allow you to unlock additional functionality on the iPhone platform.
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[xmlvalidate] Could not resolve ( publicId: -//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 1.0//EN, systemId: to a local entity [xmlvalidate] 1 file(s) have been successfully validated.
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<database-object> <create> create or replace procedure UPDATE_USER (IN_FIRSTNAME in varchar, IN_LASTNAME in varchar, IN_PASSWORD in varchar, ... ) as rowcount INTEGER; begin update USERS set FIRSTNAME = IN_FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME = IN_LASTNAME, "PASSWORD" = IN_PASSWORD, where OBJ_VERSION = ...; rowcount := SQL%ROWCOUNT; if rowcount != 1 then RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR( -20001, 'Version check failed'); end if; end; </create> <drop> drop procedure UPDATE_USER </drop> </database-object>
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Figure 10.4 Apple provides you with four layers of frameworks to use when writing iPhone SDK programs.
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If you use HTMLWorker without an ImageProvider, iText won t be able to find this image because it will be looking for it in the directory ../../../resources/posters/ instead of in the ./resources/posters/ folder. You can resolve this by defining an img_provider in listing 9.16. Here is the implementation.
Console.WriteLine("Exception caught and handled!"); } Console.WriteLine("Exiting Method1..."); } public void Method2( ) { Console.WriteLine("Entering Method2..."); throw new System.Exception( ); Console.WriteLine("Exiting Method2..."); } static void Main( ) { Console.WriteLine("Entering Main..."); Tester t = new Tester( ); t.Run( ); Console.WriteLine("Exiting Main..."); } } }
Intents and Services
create domain EMAILADDRESS as varchar constraint DOMAIN_EMAILADDRESS check ( IS_EMAILADDRESS(value) );
Creating a new class in Xcode
IBAction 209, 212, 217, 255 256 IBOutlet 195 196, 209, 212, 246, 267 268 coding with 216 connecting to Interface Builder object 215 creating 246 declaring 215 icon 269 identifier 72 Identity tab 246 iDevKit 428 image 345 347 blending 348 collage example 351 356 data types 345 drawing, in Quartz 383 384 duplicating 118 in Canvas 117 120 layering 347 modifying 383 modifying in UIKit 347 transparency 348 image picker 349 image property 346 Image View object 210 imageNamed 345 imagePickerController:didFinishPickingImage: editingInfo: 349 imagePickerControllerDidCancel 349, 354
The target conditions are evaluated just prior to the execution of each target. This allows dependent targets to set properties influencing future target execution dynamically. In this little demonstration, the copysource target could be enabled by setting copy.source, the value is irrelevant. (Even false would enable it.) This could be done from the command line:
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